whilst my brain is semi-operational.....haha.....

today we're doing clocks and time....and yeah, i'm sometimes ignorant, i've learned canada is turning their clocks back tonight too (and i'm sure other countries!) and that many countries turned back their clocks last weekend!!!

this upcoming tuesday is STILL going to be election ads....i'll post a reminder monday night for that....

for our friends who have been without power we are delaying the start of our contest....and when they get power back and get back to being online, they are more than welcomed to post a fake ad for 'ads in disguise'....i hope that no one has been hurt and that inconveniences have been few!

we still need weekend theme ideas for december and beyond....and.....should we have a 'end of the world' theme december 21?
I'd like to see a theme series over a a few weekend on color. Lets say the basics. No need to get into taupe.
Like the first weekend would be Black, next weekend Brown, then Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink?
oooo.....i like the color idea...but maybe one color a month? so as to not go color blind?? we could also toss in a weekend of prints too!
bad product names is already in the dolly parton dixie stampede cup hat for a monthly contest! :)
how 'bout creepy old men/babies for January? or maybe just for a New Year's thing?