clock theme: Dillard's watches (1991)

You have to set your watches back, too. Unless you live in advertising land, where it's always ten after ten. Really, check it out. Watch ads showing other times are rare these days because advertisers believe this is the best way to show the hands. I've heard it said that it has a subliminal "happy face" effect. 

Dillards watches TM Oct 91

I think these watches are pretty, but I HAVE to have numbers or I get confused. 
Before clocks and watches were posed at 10:10 in ads, they would be posed at 8:18. I had once heard that corresponded to the time Abraham Lincoln was shot, but it turns out that it was just to show off the hands in a relaxed position. I haven't worn a watch in years, what with the ubiquity of cellphones with a clock that's set automatically.
I noticed that, too, even with some of the ads posted today.

I rarely wear a watch either except either as a piece of jewelry or when I need to be extra sure about what time it is. My internal clock is actually pretty accurate somehow so I usually have a good idea what time it is within a minute or two. Of course, Daylight Savings Time tends to throw me off for several days as it does everyone. Not a fan.
i WISH i could wear a watch like that. i stop watches. stone cold dead, will never work again, dead dead dead.

very pretty!

i'll be changing clocks on the microwave, bedside clock, refrigerator, and the kitchen clock before bed...the computer and phone update automatically.
I believe you. My grandma was that way with wristwatches, but she could wear pendant watches okay. She was convinced it was her body chemistry and she usually wore pendant watches over her clothing.

I hate changing clocks! It's one of the few things, other than the scenery and my parents, that I miss about living in Arizona.
i think the fact that i have a clock on my icebox (refrigerator) is hilarious, and i loathe changing the bedside clock.

the reason that pendant watches are ok is that they dont touch your skin. i've heard it theorized that some people carry excess static electricity in their bodies (well, that's been scientifically proven, actually) and that the electric charge kills the watch. i have a really nice fossil watch that i can wear because of the watchband, the watch doesnt touch my skin.
Now that you mention it, I think my grandma did say it was the electricity in her body, but I had no idea what she meant by that. At the time, I just chalked it up to "crazy shit old people say." Wish I had paid some more attention to that crazy shit and I would probably know a lot more than I do! :D
I know people who do this. One guy I knew said it's because people ask him what time it is more than he looks at his own watch so it makes it easier for them to see. It also makes you look like you don't know how to dress yourself, but whatever.
Thanks! I'm not sure if that's the article I read, but it was something like that. The thing with framing the logo is also a big deal. I actually noticed this back in the mid-80s when I was working as a kindergarten teacher for a small private school and I was trying to make some materials to help the kids learn to tell time. One suggestion I found in a book or something was to cut out watch and clock ads from magazines. Well, apparently whoever came up with this brilliant suggestion had never actually done this! I went through magazine after magazine and every damn analogue watch was set at 10:10! I had never noticed that before.