Yeah, overall the CCF has been a good thing for Canada and the world.
Can't quite say...they sound like socialists? Share Canada's wealth or share my individual wealth with others? It's not quite clear what they are saying, as if they're hiding something?
Aha! Just wikipedia'd it. They didn't do very well in that election. Easy to explain with such a poor election poster that didn't really say anything!
They're most definitely socialist. CCF was never a majority party federally, but they were the provincial government in Saskatchewan and introduced the first universal health care policy, which later became the model for the entire country.

In the poster they say they have fought for family allowance, unemployment insurance, old-age pension, and health insurance. Their goals include a national labour code, low-cost housing, universal health care for the entire country, federal money for education (education is a provincial responsibility) and taxes on "excessive profits."
Yeah, they later renamed as the New Democratic Party. Kind of left of centre types. They've gone through a bit of resurgence lately as people haven gotten sick of the 1980s right wing thing and their former federal leader was very popular.