Ha! I just checked that, myself!

(another campaign ad of his)
CASS CITY, MICHIGAN, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1926: "Born, Almer Township, March 5,1896. Moved to Columbia Townshiptater. Now living in Caro. Attacked by rheumatism at age of 10 years;ankle, knee and hip joints permanently stiffened. Forced to leave school in 11th grade. Four years on crutches--in bed 3 years 13 months in hospital. Had many operations. Can get around in wheelchair, and Ford car with special levers. Last, but not least--in spite of my physical disability, I know I can do your job as County Treasurer.• I have had some experience in bookkeeping in a country bank, and I would be on the job to take care of your business. Will you help me get the chance to prove this?"

(and then...)
CASS CITY, MICHIGAN, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1926: "Officers Elected in Tuscola. ... Treas., Orlo J. McDurmon"

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Good for him! It's awesome that he had an adapted car! I love the humble tone of his ads, too. Today, you expect people with physical limitations to be able to get around, but that was way before the ADA act. I can understand why he would have to convince people that he could get around to do the job.

Whether he had the experience, I don't know, but I'm glad the voters gave him a chance!
yeah, humble!! that's the word i couldn't think of when i commented below---i used sincere and just a simple message---it is just a simple basic vote for me because message and i like that.....i'm tired....got up way early......voting, errands, vet run with 3 critters.....now i wanna stay up (though in a way i don't!!!) to see the results....brain is tired!!!

i just really love this ad.....i think it's the sincerity and just basic message he's giving.....he would have had my vote!!!