that and a similar product Udder Balm™ is the best dry cracked skin healer on the planet.

This shit is magic.
Ah, "cow salve" as we always called it. You are so right--it is the best cure for chapped and cracked skin.
I grew up in Iowa farm country, and remember using this stuff back when you had to buy it at the farm store or from the large animal vet. Nowadays you can find it in almost any Health & Beauty department!
I remember in the 80s it was really vogue to use this—both Udder Balm and Bag Balm. It's the lanolin that's the miracle ingredient.
"Penetrating ointment." Heh heh.

Sorry. I just saw some gay subtext ads and those have that effect on me.
as the grandaughter of two families who had dairies...

yep, they used this stuff. and my granny used it the rest of her life to keep her hands and feet soft. i use it too because its good stuffs :D
Before I saw the tins I thought it was called Baa Balm and was wondering why he was milking a cow and not a sheep.