I really like the Penny's ad, lots of interesting lines and angles, and the cute look on the model's face.

Also, the carpet wearing one lol
eeek the half-cow!!!

i liked the rit dye ad, but giggled at the "wont stain hands" bit. :D
Me too! It reminded me of the episode of the original Dick Van Dyke show in which Laura dyed her hands black before a formal dinner she and Rob had to attend.
That poor lobster. It seems to have been the victim of a margarine ninja. That picture looks like the cover of some old underwater-themed detective novel.
Yeah, you know I've got something to say about them all! Okay, in order:

1. Nothing solves your tough cleaning problems like molten lava and a pyroclastic flow.

2. One of the lesser-known yoga positions, the camel toe. Yes, it is necessary for her to spread her legs like that. That stuff does not breath and she's just trying to fend off a yeast infection.

3. Did not know Rit went back that far! Love me some battleship grey corsets!

4. Creepy half cow is creepy.

5. Goodness. I don't think that word means what you think it means.

6. Because you blew every last cent on the lobster, you couldn't spring for real butter.

7. Meta ad is meta.

8. Stomach oilcers. Nothing that Doc Hudson couldn't treat!

9. It made sense at the time. Ms. Carroll wasn't wearing her glasses and she thought she was modeling for a tampon ad.

10. Wear out the carpet. Giggety!