Not only would that require a lot of effort and planning, but that seems to be an expensive way to steal booze.
Jacques: Zut alors! Have you seen the price of La Raphaelle at the bistro? We can never afford that!

Pierre: Fear not! I have a cunning plan! First, you go and purchase an aeroplane, I shall acquire some clothesline and...

Jacques: Mon Dieu! An aeroplane? Won't that cost even more? Why don't we just run up and hit a waiter over the head and take a bottle?

Pierre: Like a common thief? Where is the romance in that? It's like I don't even know you any more. What next? Will you have us abandon our bad Maurice Chevalier accents???
I imagine something along the lines of a madcap champagne theft caper in the style of The Great Race. Shoot, it could even star Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.
"Where's the champagne, Raoul?"
"A tiny man in an aeroplane pilfered it, madam."
"Third time this week! Raoul, how many times have I told you to shut the windows before bringing me champagne? Honestly, you can't find good help these days!"

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Bonal Liqueur: 75cl / 16% A long standing traditional French aperitif, made by infusing wine with gentian? and cinchona?, amongst many, many other? ingredients, to produce a sweet, sour, salty and bitter drink that's excellent as a pre-prandial? tipple.</b>