Sorry, everybody! No stuffing this year--crazy cousin Sally fed all the bread crumbs to the damned birds!
I got that line about "Flavor that chill can't kill" all mixed up in my brain and thought they were advertising that drinking their beer couldn't kill you. Which I guess is a huge plus, but not your usual advertising campaign.
i'm a little worried about them not having that corner there....what's holding up the house? :)

and why is BEER circled?? they have to make sure you know what the product is???
ah, perhaps you are correct....BUT, the bottles look different and you don't CHILL to not kill scotch....i can actually hear eddie saying 'if you're drunk you'd need it circled'<---totally something he'd say!!

I'm just annoyed that all the women are running around like maniacs waiting on men while they sit on their asses.
Also, I like the pink house in the background.
Yeah-- especially the woman in the apron actually bringing the seated man a glass of beer. What kind of asshole can't even get his own beer, unless he's lost the use of his limbs?