Mayonnaise in fruit salad? Everything else in the frozen thing sounds alright, like a cheesecake with bits in, but then MIRACLE WHIP.
Frozen thing just looks gross--like one of those ham and pimentto loaves gone wrong.
Read the ingredient list for the un-appetizing frozen salad. Miracle whip + confectioners sugar + cream cheese + various fruit... YUCK! *pukes*
I'll definitely pass on that truly disgusting looking Frozen Party Salad.

My grandma used to make something like that frozen loaf for family meals except I don't think it had any miracle whip and it was green.
That middle one looks gross. but the last one reminds me of the salad my step grandmother use to make every holiday

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My grandmother makes something similar to the Frozen Party Salad (except she uses colored 'mallows, and fruit cocktail) every year for Christmas. The extended family refers to it as The Pink Shit. You either love The Pink Shit, or you hate it. Personally, I love it--always have (the mayo just adds a little bit of a tangy taste, it's not as horrible as it sounds). I do have at least one uncle who can't stand it, though.
"Keep glamor handy"?

I was wondering how I could add glamour to my outfit to go to the opera next week, but somehow, I never thought of marshmallows!
The frozen party salad doesn't look appetizing, but I was relieved it wasn't made of meat.