HEE! The little battles in the background and the psycho-angry look on Sally's face in the last ad makes it one of my all-time favorites. It's enough to make me give up caffeine!

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Agreed. Great stuff.

I also love the neo-Caniff art (closely modeled after his work on Dickie Dare, from the look of it) in the first one.
?? I see the art file is labeled "Arthur Sickles" — is this a sibling (or pseud) of golden-age comic strip artist Noel Sickles? If so, it explains a lot. Od's blood, the man could draw.
A collaboration! Man, sometimes ad art is the wonderful alternative universe where all the great team-ups took place. Thanks for the link, and the great art.
Postum sounds disgusting, I'd be nastier if I had to drink that sludge!
I wonder whether all those "don't give it to kids" caveats are a reaction to some trouble coffee companies had gotten into or preventative or something else
It might have been cheaper per serving than milk or juice. I started drinking coffee at 12 to avoid paying for soda when I volunteered at the VA Hospital.
Probably simply the result of the long-held folk belief that caffeine/coffee would "stunt children's growth."

These ads, on the other hand, are working really hard to introduce the new idea that caffeine was really bad for adults too - losing people their jobs, severing relationships, hindering the war effort, preventing farmers from fertilizing their crops properly! Even B.O. never wreaked so much havoc.
I loved Postum, I was one of the few who were pissed they decided to stop making it.