That sink is awkwardly placed. And is she staring into a mirror or into the furnace of hell?
For some reason, apparently it was believed for a long time that women could not look into a mirror while standing up. I can see that if you had servants doing your hair, it was more convient for you to sit while they did so, but dressing tables and low mirror persisted for long after that.

Maybe it was assumed that women spent so much time looking into a mirror while fixing hair and putting on make up that it was awkward to stand that long. I wouldn't know -- I don't wear makeup and I can do my hair without ever looking in a mirror anymore
You're right - in all the film noir films I've ever seen, women have elaborate dressing tables in their boudoirs. Perhaps bathrooms weren't really big enough or something. I stand at the bathroom mirror to apply makeup without a problem - mind you, I only wear eyeshadow and mascara.
It looks like she's at the control panel for the transporter. Perhaps she's getting ready to beam hubby to work.