I've never encountered one, but I'd give it a try. Public restrooms can be gross and you end up doing a squat anyway, so what's the problem? It's made for it so I'm sure it would make things easier. But then I've used a no fixture at all squatter in a Paris cafe, used a couple of unisex bathrooms including one featuring a long central trough for the uh, 'gentlelmen'. And of course, in NYC the ladies' rooms of my youth could sometimes be tied up with illicit drugs or sex, forcing one to crash the men's room. And no one got hurt.
Female urinal, eh? I've occasionally come across them in a public restroom, & always wondered what it was & why it was taking up valuable stall space... Still not going to use it, though.
Awkward & uncomfortable. Back in the 60s & 70s, half the state park systems in the country installed these en masse -- a trend I'm *very* glad is over.

They were plainly not designed for women wearing pants instead of dresses, or for kids. My shorts kept ending up on the nasty floor.
Urinals for women seem to resurface now and again. I remember some places in the 80s tried them, but there were few takers. In addition to the unfamiliarity factor, for most women of childbearing age, there are that series of days where you have to take care of other matters besides peeing. Not only that, but some days, it's the only chance some women get to sit down all day!
Hopefully they would still have traditional stalls with toilets as an option as they do in men's rooms with urinals. Even the gents take a seat from time to time.
MUCH easier than the public potties in japan that we visited...

one long trough on the floor that made its way through ALL the stalls, with water running through. looking down could be fairly disturbing, depending on what the lady "upstream" from you was doing. *shudders*
that's...not normal. usually squat toilets are separate from stall to stall. I've never seen one like you described. was it in a rural area?

and squat toilets are easy enough to use, once you get the hang of it. female urinals, on the other hand, are designed for women wearing skirts and no underwear, which isn't a widespread thing anymore.
we ran into one at what amounts to a truckstop, another at an amusement park. but that was in the '76-'79 era, so things may have changed immensely in those years!

squat toilets are NOT easy to use for anyone whose balance is gone and who has knee issues. *raises hand on both points*

and...no undies? i gasp in horror! i dont LIKE my bits whistling at the wind! ;)