14 December 2012 @ 11:41 am
Pink Weekend - Coty Fragrance Gifts Christmas 1954  
How come perfume packaging isn't this pretty anymore? (Mods, would you like to add a pink tag?)

LIFE Dec 6, 1954 coty fragrance perfume christmas pink
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starmalachite: Christmas -- Angel Playing Lutestarmalachite on December 14th, 2012 06:02 pm (UTC)
Mmmm. Emeraude... still one of my all-time favorite fragrances. But man, does it smell nasty once it goes off.
E♥: Bert Convy: another MG75whoseline_wlsc on December 14th, 2012 06:11 pm (UTC)
I always thought their packaging was so nice!
mellzie_1963: madmenmellzie_1963 on December 14th, 2012 07:49 pm (UTC)
I miss Muguet des Bois; I love single-note florals in the springtime. :)
Disco citizen: Loonsteamrodent on December 14th, 2012 08:46 pm (UTC)
Why aren't those swans as gay as the steeds?
mjspice: Thranduil Xmasmjspice on December 15th, 2012 02:48 pm (UTC)
So pretty!
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