Forstmann Woolen Mills Roundup, 1940s and 1950s

I've been working on pulling these together for a while. These were the color ad on the inside cover of LIFE during the cooler months for many years. They're just so beautiful. I think it's so interesting that these are advertising fabric rather than a garment manufacturer, even though there are garments on display. There was more home sewing and more labeling of the fabric manufacturer in finished garments in this era. There are thirty total here, posted in the order they appeared, though I am sure I missed some, as Google has trouble picking up the "Forstmann" because of the label's font.

LIFE Dec 6, 1943

The Forstmann family has a textile history going back to the 16th century, and the company name survived until it was acquired in 1999. I found some very interesting history of it here and here, and a post about Julius Forstmann's mansion here.

LIFE Feb 21, 1944

LIFE Apr 10, 1944

LIFE Sep 18, 1944

LIFE Dec 4, 1944

LIFE Jan 7, 1946

LIFE Mar 11, 1946

LIFE Jan 6, 1947

LIFE Feb 17, 1947

LIFE Apr 7, 1947

LIFE Sep 15, 1947

LIFE Oct 20, 1947

LIFE Nov 10, 1947

LIFE Sep 13, 1948

LIFE Oct 18, 1948

LIFE Feb 14, 1949

LIFE Mar 7, 1949

LIFE Nov 7, 1949

LIFE Jan 2, 1950

LIFE Apr 2, 1951

LIFE Sep 10, 1951

LIFE Nov 26, 1951

LIFE Dec 31, 1951

LIFE Mar 3, 1952

LIFE Mar 1, 1954

LIFE Sep 5, 1955

LIFE Oct 10, 1955

LIFE Nov 21, 1955

LIFE Feb 6, 1956

LIFE Feb 27, 1956
it's interesting how over 15 years they never really varied from their single-outfit ads with such obvious reference to their fabrics.
I'm very glad I didn't live in the hat-and-glove days, but they certainly do make for a complete ensemble.
I do love these advs, they are just really beautiful! A lot of thanks for sharing it!
These are nice ads and clothes, but the woman in the first ad looks like a member of the Q Continuum.
What's interesting to me about this, is that I don't think I owned a single wool item growing up, and now my everyday wardrobe is probably about half wool, mostly "technical" wool that is made from merino and is soft enough to be worn next to the skin, by companies like Icebreaker and Smartwool and Ibex and Io/Bio. I even have a number of wool items intended for summer--I have several tissue-thin wool cycling jerseys that are amazingly comfortable on hot days.
TheEngineer has two absolutely gorgeous wool suits that were tailor-made for him in Dubai. they're absolutely mid-summer comfortable, and look mighty damn good on him, too. charcoal grey pinstripe, and navy blue pinstripe.

he wears the grey one with a pink shirt and pink paisley tie, with a dark grey fedora. and looks MIGHTY spiffy, too. :D
What a glamorous set of ads - they're making me feel dowdy and underdressed just by looking at them!