yes, because gods forbid a person is stinky!!

...ok, so its unpleasant to be around a stinkin person, but dayum. leave a discreet box on the desk with some soap and deodorant in it rather than FIRE the guy!
I'll tell you what's even worse than a stinking person: a person who's slathered on the cologne/fragrance to avoid taking a shower.
yep. one of those lives with my daughter. (she's the extra "grandma" who watches my granddaughter while my daughter is working)

fortunately for the household, miss satan has NO issue with saying "bitch, take a shower before i go hose you in the yard!" c is addicted to those body sprays...she did use them EVERY time she went to the bathroom, but since the baby is there, my daughter said "enough!" on that, too.
Mmmmm…ever ridden the subway at rush hour in August? Phew! You can always 'spot' recent arrivals unfamiliar with things like deodorant when temperatures and and humidity are in the upper 90s. Even worse in the old days when the homeless just rode the rails to get off the streets for a while.
For reals. I was thinking that towel is rather stragetically placed. Kinda racy for the 30's I would think!
Given that last panel, I kind of wonder if he didn't discover Lifebuoy while showering with the boss. That'd explain the way the boss has his hand on the guy's shoulder.