Not sure why the reference to Swahili is particularly relevant? The ancestors of African Americans did not speak Swahili or anything close to it?
There was a fashion in the 60s & 70s for treating Swahili as the ancestral language of American blacks. Maybe because is/was spoken in so many African countries? Unfortunately, not West African countries--where most American slaves originated. Kwanzaa utilizes the language, so it will probably be perpetuated. There is still debate over a suitable "mother tongue" for the African diaspora.
If I can remember my language classes from university, Swahili was spoken by very few people but was promoted by the German colonialists and spread rapidly in the 19th century throughout East Africa. The Western African languages were not related (like Bantu) but have been mostly subsumed by French, also from colonial times. The languages of African American ancestors have been significantly lost to time. I can see why there is debate.
The mother/daughter one is my favorite but that one at the bottom is also AWESOME.
Yeah, it would be brilliant to see that bottom ad redone in a fashion editorial or ad today, but I assume that carries a penalty of life in prison for the editors of the major fashion magazines in the US from the way they avoid mass quantities of people of color. One or two for flavor, sure, but I'm sure there's a rule about not outnumbering the white women. *eyeroll*
The last is kinda scary. They all look as if they're ready to kill someone.
Damn, there is a lot of fierce in the last one. Although, does the woman in the lower right look more like someone of Indian descent to anyone else?