I can't help myself, but I find this ad charming. And the TVs are adorable.
I'd like it a lot more if she wasn't holding a sandwich. It's mostly just her eating on the floor right next to some dude's foot and shoe that bothers me. Gross! Maybe the idea is that she is so engrossed in the television that she doesn't notice all that.
Available in walnut ... or not
"Honey, we're getting rid of that ottoman!"
It took me a bit to work out that the seemingly random underlines were to explain what Hi-Vi was short for.
It's so awkwardly worded, too: high in vivid. What? I know it's a play on HiFi, but unlike SciFi, this one didn't take hold in popular culture.
I was thinking exactly the same thing. Very poorly thought out and probably trying to duplicate what the record industry did with Hi-Fi. High Vividity? Who knows, obviously it crashed and burned as I have never heard the term anywhere in my life.
I love this just because it's so original and unusual - lying on the floor, covering half her face, eating a sandwich, shoes off, cropped close... <3

Somebody was having a lot of fun with this photo shoot, and they seem to know what market wants a teensy cute TV in the bedroom.
I like your analysis. It is a very casual ad for the times, which is the idea, of course. They're not selling living room consoles here.