They are all under the control of The Clown now. The girl is getting ready to eat her brother, probably in one bite.
I always thought Rockwell's illustrations made people look a bit daft, but in this one they look plain CRAZY. It's the way he depicts eyes. Or is it the mouth?

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Oh, you'll smile.

Mom, you'll smile, because the quaaludes keep you in that carefree zone that lets you look right past Dad's smile - yes, he's smiling too, that lascivious brute, making eyes at the divorcée down the block every time he thinks Mom isn't looking. That's a smile that says 'I've gotten away with it so far, and I think the penicillin is taking care of that little rash quite nicely'.

And Timmy, dear sweet Timmy, ever since he ate those paint chips, he just can't stop laughing. Laugh and laugh all day long, and really it's a good thing because otherwise he'd have to come to grips with the fact that he looks like Harry Connick Jr., but with less fashion sense.

But Janie. Oh, Janie. Whatever are we to make of Janie? Ever since the incident with the knife last year, we don't let her out of her room unless she's wearing her Very Special Jacket. The doctor says there's no hope, but that's what Mom's ludes are for. Right?

Yes, American Family, you'll smile, because The Greatest Joys are SHARED.