Truly! Sex can't sell this sneaker. I keep taking another look because I swear I see those ugly nude pantyhose on the model. Nope. But that would make the ad a lot funnier - nude kneehigh, partly rolled down. and a housecoat to complete the outfit. Ugh.

And I love a good sneaker. I'm the target for this ad and I hate it!
Well I'm sure it's supposed to spoof on those high-heel ads with women looking as if they're going to step on a guy, which lead to many men around my age wanting to see women in those ridiculous high-heeled nightmares. But it just comes off looking like someone's mom is stepping on a guy lying down.
I dunno. THese don't look that different (to me) from Tom's, which are ridiculously popular. But then, Tom's reminds me of the cheap-ass Wal-mart shoes I had to wear growing up because we couldn't afford anything else. I was surprised when Tom's became trendy!
High five! Me too. I like a nice simple sneaker. I'd love a leather or leathery looking type of these shoes.
Every time I see the Nike logo now Lance Armstrong pops to mind. Never did before!? The mind is very strange.