well, "rouge" was what our grandmothers called it, right? because being "painted" was not a good thing till the '20's brought out the little flapper girls who flauted all the rules and painted their cheeks and lips and fingertips.

so...we didn't want to be matronly, so i think probably in the late 50's or early 60's when the "let's be one with nature" movements started we started calling it blush, because blushing makes your face all bright and beautiful...and doesn't sound like you're putting something on your face to change the color of your face.

personally, i like the word "rouge". it's honest. you're putting red on your face! call it what it is. :)
I wonder when they stopped calling it Rouge

Too many people were asking for 'Roog' or "Rojay' at the cosmetics counter.

Also I LOVED (and still love, they're still being made) those perfumed face-powder papers.
What I want are the dainty little kid gloves (they would be perfect on public transportation). I love the heart shaped cutout on her palm.
It's funny you mentioned the gloves, because just the other day a friend and I were talking about how (some) fashion trends are cyclic and I said that I was surprised that gloves haven't come back, what with all the germs and stuff.
DAMMIT I meant the girl in the first ad. Actually didn't notice there was more than one.

edit: oh of COURSE I completely forget I can edit comments. Gaah, sorry.

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I can’t help but think of Mother Bouvier from The Simpsons. “Whores use rouge. Ladies pinch.”