I usually don't like green on cars - but man, I'd really like the green one for some reason!
Six thousand , two hundred and seventy dollars to be amazed .
Spud. - Also featured in "The Acid House". saw that on one a very small smokey Cinema that smelled bad. just the way ppl should have seen it.
I thought I had posted about how suicide doors made the car easier to get in an out of, and only posed a threat of the car spinning if they were opened while the car was in motion.

Duh—just wait until the car stops before you open the door!
I love them all, but that green. Don't see a paint colour like that today.

(An aunt of mine was maybe 5'2, and she loved big cars--her last car was, I believe, an '80s Grand Marquis--if she'd been wealthier, I could have totally seen her driving one of these).
Old people love Grand Marquis! lol

You know what they say. You cant spell Grand Marquis With out "Grand Ma".
The black one looks scary to me. For some reason, it conjures up images of either government agents or old school gangsters. Either way, that car looks like it would be good for pulling up along side someone walking down the street, grabbing them, and pulling them in. Ample trunk space for bodies, too. The tag line has a ominous sound, too.

I kind of like the red one, though. Like the emerald car, you just don't see that shade of red anymore. You could do a lot of pimpin' in a car like that.
The black one looks a lot like the car in The Matrix. Maybe that's why you associate it with agents or gangsters.

I'd love to have that car in black.
I hate to admit it, but I have never seen The Matrix all the way through. I just couldn't get into it. I may have seen enough to make that association, though.
It could be because these Lincolns are the same styling as the one that JFK was riding when he was assassinated. In fact, these Lincolns are famous as "JFK Lincolns".