It's nice, but a bit too office-y for my tastes. In other words, I would love that design for my home office. With the fridge! :)
Sort of nice, but what is with all these kitchen designs with a false wall plonked down in the middle? VERY inefficient use of space, how do you move around that table squashed behind the wall?
I'm pretty sure most kitchens back then were not designed by people who actually cooked. Besides, the idea of this ad is to show off the floor covering. Come to think of it, you would think they would want to show more floor so another argument against that middle island thing.
I'd feel too cramped in that kitchen. Also, it's way too busy, for my taste.
Wow, what a kitchen! I like the floor tiles, somehow.

I think it might have worked better if they shoved that middle thing against a wall though.
I'm glad to see a window by the little table, because otherwise you'd be left staring at the back of the refrigerator.
Too cramped and the morgue drawers to the side are a creepy touch. I swear the 1950's had the ugliest and least practical kitchens of all time.
I love the frig and the end of that cabinet. The table crammed in the back seems like a bad idea. Can you imagine the heat coming off of the frig? And do two people sit there?
It would be awkward, the second person would have to walk around the other side of the fridge island to access the other side of the table. Terrible design.
This kitchen is not a flop! I love it. Maybe just have white walls and then it would be perfect.
I agree. White, and maybe not the pain-inducing alternating horizontal and vertical striped curtains.
Interesting idea with the fridge - wonder if the people sitting on the other side of it feel the heat from it.....
I can appreciate the space saving aspect, but for my personal tastes it's not homey enough. I like the colors though.
I like the colors. I don't like the island in the middle of the room. I think it renders the table behind the refrigerator (really, you want to eat looking at refrigerator coils?) unusable, and I can see the door banging into the edge of it.