but at the same time, i wonder how many men ordered these with their own names on wear for themselves?
Wouldn't it have been better to do it on a more obvious garment? When things have already progressed to underwear, it is a bit too late anyway. Maybe they should revive this idea for the "50 Shades of Grey" crowd ....
Wait. Are you Joe or Charles? Oh, yeah. Mike. Hold on, I think I have a pair of Mike.

There's a strip shopping center at that address that looks like it's been there for awhile. I wonder if it was in any of those buildings.

Oh, yeah, and "Charles" looks a little like Bettie Page. I though it was her at first.

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My mind went to this... "What if you get in an accident where you can't respond immediately and the EMTs/doctors decide to dub you the name written on your undies?" That might get weird.