Oh my God, yes! I love that image!

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There seemed to be a lot of "rupture" in those days. What was that all about? Why doesn't it happen now?
I'm kind of curious too as to why these trusses were needed? What was a rupture? Was the truss something you wore every day, or until the rupture healed? (I'm a gal asking, btw!)
A rupture is a hernia. Usually it's referring to an inguinal hernia, which is where a bit of intestine pushes down through groin muscles and into a man's 'dangly bits.' As far as I know, they're usually caused by heavy lifting. That kind of hernia won't heal on its own. You either get surgery or just live with it.

I really dunno what trusses did for that aside from maybe keeping the 'boys' from moving around and causing a lot of discomfort.