....where is the rest of the third person they are tied to? o_O
Now, I've heard of guys being so large they're referred to as having a third leg, but each of them actually having a real third leg is new to me.
Okay, my first reaction was along the lines of "Well hey there." Then I noticed the extra legs. Then I realized that the guy on the right isn't tied to the 3rd mystery person. He's got his leg through one of the leg openings on the guy's underwear.

So, yeah, one has to wonder:
-What's the 3rd guy doing back there?
-Why can't we see more of him. Is he a dwarf or gnome or something? Ugh. Or is he just a torso-less pair of legs?
-Why does it look like Mr Legs is trying to run away?
-What kind of kinky position involves you shoving your leg into the other guys's underwear while it's around one of his ankles and he's facing away from you?
-Why does Left Guy look kind of surprised/shocked while Right Guy (whose profile reminds me of Kevin Bacon) seems to be more like "You doin okay back there, honey?"
-What was the rest of Mr Legs doing in the picture before the bad editing job?