Definitely number 2. I'm not a mid-century modern kind of girl and I don't care for the colors in number 1. I like the Asian look and the colors in number 2.
#2, but with a different dining set, as chairs that rickety-looking cannot possibly contain my huge ass. Also, that floor is a bit busy for my taste. I actually think that the floor on the first one would look better in the second.
I like them both but it's kind of apples and oranges on a couple of counts. City vs. suburb and I imagine New York City vs. what strikes me as California. Also, living room vs. kitchen. I'm good with everything but #2's floor. I like to relax at home, especially when I'm eating but that pattern gets on my nerves. It's not just busy, it's kind of frantic.
I would want to die if that was the living room furniture I'd have to crash on. It has to be the most uncomfortable and also the most '60s beach chair looking set I've ever seen.
No contest for me #1! The chairs alone should be worth quite a lot these days...
I prefer the clean simple look of #1, though I wouldn't really want either for my kitchen or living room.

The chairs and sofa in #1 look like really fancy lawn furniture and I can't imagine they'd be comfortable at all.

The floor in #2 looks like it'd drive me crazy in no time. Imagine trying to find something small that you dropped on it.
i love everything about #1 but the furniture. that looks rickety as hell and i like a room that i can be comfy in.

but i love the floors and the built-in and that bright red. there's elements of #2 i like but the floor is a huge turnoff.
The 1935 one, especially if we pitch the chairs. Ick.

On a side note, I'm fascinated that they show a *city* outside of the windows. Normally the ads we see imply suburban haven.

Not in love with either one of them but I think I prefer the second one.

*upon reflection, if I could put the Asian elements from #2 (the furniture, paper lantern and open grill work between the spaces) into to the #1 room, I think I would like it more. I have to say that the floor in #2 sort of takes away my will to live. ;)

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2, only because i don't like lawn chairs as living room chairs! :)
I don't normally go for red, but #1 as the floor in #2 would drive me crazy and cross-eyed.
I haven't the foggiest idea why, but the first one is reminding me of my preschool. So I pick that one on weird nostalgia.