I like to think they wanted to use her as a fitting model for their cloaks in addition to German bookkeeping. You know, instead of just using her.
I remember growing up in Buffalo in the 60s and Polish firms would only hire Polish-Americans and similar to German small businesses. That kept the money in the community. Masonics, Jews and Chinese did the same. They just can't be specific anymore.
"Will be paid to copy encyclopedia entries for 2 hours each morning."
Brilliant! Now we only need a crime that this ad can relate to and we practically have a new Sherlock episode. In what kind of crime could a busty German with bookkeeping skills be innocently involved?
Perhaps she's meant to provide the illusion of an affair, thereby giving our miscreant a plausible reason to spend large amounts of time in undisclosed locations.
uh, since they asking for a specific bust size that makes me wonder if "bookkeeping on a small scale" is an euphemism for something??
hahaha! My guess is they wanted someone to not only do the books but also model the merchandise. Small business realities at work here.
I wonder if they're that good at eyeballing a 36", or would she have to prove it?
Most straight men are really good a ogling chests, but I bet a higher percentage of gay guys (the ones with a thing for costume) would be better at accurately estimating.