surprisingly....beets and pineapple work really well together in a salad. Mix in some mixed greens and goats cheese with a poppyseed vinaigrette and you've got a tasty side.
Yeah I'm okay with the pineapple and beets... it's the pineapple and HARD BOILED EGG that makes me want to hurl! The sassy-sweet acidity of pineapple combined with the sulfurous goodness of hard boiled egg???
Hmm. Frankfurters with co*k rings, a hard boiled egg with cloves stuck in it that looks as if it's sitting on a pineapple commode, tomato and radishes for some color, and what look like cat claws on a bed of beets. Yup! It just screams "Fun for the kids!"
Exactly…it sounds like they needed to add protein, but the whole thing is too contrived.

Those tomato slices look like real tomato, though.
Storybook platter? I guess the Australian version of Humpty Dumpty must be really different than the one I know. I do not recall anything about him sitting on a pile of pineapple. I won't bother to ask what the sausages represent.

Since we're on the subject, I have often wondered why Humpty Dumpty is traditionally represented as an egg and how that started.
Oh yes, we eat this salad every day down under! Blech. btw Hot dogs in Australia are truly dreadful. They really have no idea here.
I would still find this largely regrettable today, and as a child I would have gingerly rescued a hot dog, and slathered it in ketchup to offset any flavor contamination.


I would definitely argue against this salad, if only because of my qualms against serving oddly phallic sausages to children. (shudder)
...I would *pay* to see what people of any age would react to that sitting on a buffet table of the here and now!^^
And sure: "no argument" as in :"Shut up and eat! I don't wanna hear another word!"

At first, I thought the beetroot slices in the front were Oreo cookies.

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I loved beets as a kid and still do. A sweet vegetable - what's not to like?