I think the first one works best as abstract art. But as food all three fail to appeal to the eye. Was American 'cuisine' really as bleak these suggest?
Yes, because that big mound of parsley makes no sense whatsoever, and if you're mkaing a cheese sauce, there are hundreds of better choices than American cheese.

And I don't want cheese sauce on my shrimp!
The Italians consider it a crime. But I just adore shrimp quesadilla, lobster mornay and oysters parmesan. mmmmmmmmm
at the risk of sounding redundant. I could seriously NOT eat any of the food that is usually posted on here. I find them utterly fascinating from an anthropological perspective. But no yuck ew. My inner 5 year old says. XD
I am one of the "put cheese on ALL the (savory) things!" crowd. Shrimp and cheese doesn't sound far-fetched to me. But that thing still doesn't look anywhere near appetizing.

Also, it says "garnish with parsley", not "use the dish as a pot to plant the damn thing in". Adding more parsley than there is main dish does not make it more classy.
Yeah, I'm thinking this is from the WWII part of the decade. You could only stretch the good meat so far with your points before you started serving this or seeking out the local black market.


The shrimp dish should've been a photo and not artwork, unless it truly looks more disgusting in real life.

The ham roll reminds me of a family size Hot Pocket -I'd try it.
Honestly, all I can think, when I look at that vile shrimp thing, is "somebody please help Will Graham."

(spoilers, sweetie)