Upcoming Events Master Calendar thru July 2017

If you have some ads you'd like to post for an event but won't be around or you've got a bunch of ads and you wanna pre-post 'em for upcoming events, here is how to do a scheduled post. If your posting is moderated, please let me know, and I'll 'free' you so you can do scheduled posts! :)

ALWAYS feel free to suggest a one day event, or suggest to change a weekend weekend in case I've overlooked something! This calendar is not etched in stone and can be changed, edited, altered, etc!

Weekend Events, unless otherwise noted are always Friday to Sunday, though for clarity's sake I always denote Friday thru Sunday. One Day Events I put in ALL CAPS so they stand out a little more. For Contest Starts, I have that underlined. Sound complicated? I hope not.

At the beginning of every week I'll post a reminder of the week's activities and the day before the start I'll post a reminder. At ANY TIME you may find the master calendar (hmmm...should it be the mistress calendar?) on our vintage ads' page in 2 different spots. 1) It's in the sticky post up top and 2) it's on the left hand side in the featured post widget.

Non-themed vintage ads are ALWAYS welcomed at any time!!!

Holidays are not really mentioned, I don't think they need to be defined and ads for any particular upcoming holiday are always welcome!



1 Sunday ONE DAY EVENT: Welcome 1997. We will be welcoming ads from 1997, as we have a 20 year rule. This is the first day for them, let's give 'em a warm welcome.

4 Wednesday Contest Starts: Laundry Detergent. Ads for laundry detergent

6-8 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Instantly recognizable logos and Beach related ads. Products that have a logo so recognizable you don't even need to see the name (Coke/Pepsi/Ford/etc) AND any ad that depicts a beach scene, beach items, etc

8-10 Sunday - Tuesday Bowie Break the Rules Days. During these 3 days you can post anything Bowie related you want----no ad required at all. You wanna post Bowie videos? Go ahead!! You wanna post Bowie photos? Go ahead!! You wanna post Bowie lyrics that really meant a lot to you? Go ahead!! No ad required.

13-15 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Tires and Flowers. Ads for tires, for cars, bikes, etc AND flowers in ads

16 Monday ONE DAY EVENT Positive Portrayals of African Americans in Ads. For MLK Jr Day, Ads that portray African Americans in a positive manner

20-22 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Acne Products and That'll Get Ya Laid. Ads for acne products (that yes, some will be redundant with the other event) AND That'll Get Ya Laid where ads basically imply if you use their product, you'll get 'some'

24 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Nekkid kid. As the tag is, nekkid kids in vintage ads

27-29 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: China and Chinese Food (Chinese New Year is the 28th). Ads for China, Chinese ads, etc AND ads for Chinese food


2 Thursday ONE DAY EVENT: Shadows in Ads. For Groundhog Day, let's see shadows in ads.

3-5 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Celebrities in ads and Addresses in ads. Celebs in ads, um, that's pretty much it AND Addresses in ads, where you post an ad with a physical address and you, the OP, are under no obligation to look up that address today, another member will. It's really interesting to see what is in a place's location after 50, 100+ years. Sometimes the building is still there!

6 Monday Contest Starts: Cakes. I wanna make a cake walk joke, but I shan't. Ads for/with cakes!!

7 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Pet Food. Ads for pet food

10-12 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: JELLO for Peter Cooper's Birthday on February 12th AND Jewelry. This community would be nothing without jello! So the good, the bad, the ugly in jello!!! Guest hosted by franklanguage who will have us include other products Peter Cooper invented in the weekend, watch for their post telling us about this remarkable man! AND ads for jewelry.

14 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Fur Ads for/that include fur. Yes, you may use a wide interpretation

17-19 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Broadway/Musicals and I wish this still existed. Ads for Broadway and/or any musical production anywhere AND I wish this still existed for products that, wait for it, you wish still existed! :D

22 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Actual Hair Meaning actual real hair shown in ads. Farrah Fawcett, etc

24-26 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Canned Food and Liquor. Canned food items AND Liquor

28 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Mardi Gras Show us your.... Let's celebrate Mardi Gras!! Any kind of ad that depicts/evokes Mardi Gras!


3-5 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Black & White Ads and Bread. Ads that are Black & White AND ads for bread

7 Tuesday Contest Starts: Kitchen Appliances. Ads for kitchen appliances

9 Thursday ONE DAY EVENT: Products you love and/or hate. You can, of course, post products you love and hate, you aren't obligated to just do one!

10-12 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Barbie (her birthday is March 9) and Candy. Ads for anything Barbie AND Candy

14 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: PSAs Public Service Announcements

17-19 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Green and Ireland. For St. Patrick's Day, ads featuring the color green AND ads for/depicting Ireland

21 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Cats

24-26 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Swirly Fonts and Birds. Ads that have swirly fonts AND Birds in ads

29 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Makeup Ads for makeup

31-2 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Australia and Cameras. Ads for/depicting Australia AND camera ads


1 Saturday ONE DAY EVENT: Ads in disguise/annual amnesty. One of 2 days a year fake ads can be posted

4 Tuesday Contest Starts: Pre-1950 Automobiles. Autos from before 1950. Don't worry, we're gonna do after 1950!

5 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Hip hop. Ads featuring/depicting anything hip hop related

7-9 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Dairy and Hosiery & socks. Dairy products in ads AND hosiery and/or socks in ads

12 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Nuts Ads for any kind of nut(s).

14-16 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Bathroom fixtures and ads from your year of birth. Ads for bathroom fixtures AND since April 16 is considered everyone's birthday in Vintage Ads, ads from the year of your birth all weekend!

18 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Plaid. Ads that have plaid in them

21-23 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Purple and Royalty in Ads. For Prince. Ads featuring the color purple AND royalty in ads. You may define royalty however you wish (ie: Queen of Soul; Prince--natch; etc)

26 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Houses in ads. Ads showing houses in some manner

28-30 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Weapons and Ice Cream. Ads for weapons of any kind AND ads for ice cream


2 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Neon lights in ads

3 Wednesday Contest Starts: Underwear Ads for underwear

5-7 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Restaurants (no fast food) and hippies. Ads for restaurants (no fast food locations) AND ads that include/depict hippies

9 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Mountains. Mountains in ads

12-14 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Mom's in ads and foreign language ads. Mom's in ads and foreign language ads

17 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Sea Life. Sea life depicted in ads

19-21 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Condiments and 80s clothing. Ads for condiments AND 80s clothing

24 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: The eyes have it. Ads featuring eyes

26-28 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Butts and Butter/Margarine. Ads featuring butts AND ads for butter/margarine and of course parkay!

30 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT Dogs


2-4 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: India and Shampoo. Ads for/depicting India AND shampoo ads

6 Tuesday Contest Starts: Beer. Ads for beer

7 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Donuts

9-11 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: TV Dinners and TV Shows. Ads for tv dinners and/or ads that depict tv dinners AND ads for TV shows. Basically, what show would you like to watch while eating a tv dinner

14 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Blue. Ads featuring the color blue

16-18 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Dads in ads and Africa. Dads in ads AND ads depicting/for Africa

20 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: I own it. Have a vintage item? Find an ad for it and post your item pix and the ad! You don't have to post the item pix if you don't wish to, you can just post the ad and say you own it

23-25 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Bicycles and Cheese. Ads for bicycles and/or that depict them AND ads for cheese

25 Sunday ONE DAY EVENT: Korean War Veteran's Day. Any ad from the period of the Korean War. This war, and it's veterans, is often overlooked.

28 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Reptiles. Ads that have reptiles

30-2 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Poisons and Fingers & toes. Ads for poisons and/or that mention poison AND ads featuring fingers and/or toes!!


4 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Patriotism in ad. Ads depicting patriotism in any fashion, from any country.

6 Thursday Contest Starts: Post 1950 Cars. Ads for cars 1950 thru 1997

7-9 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Pools and Air Conditioners/Fans. Ads for/that depict pools AND Air conditioners/fan ads

11 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Suntan Lotion/Sunscreen. Ads for suntan lotion and/or sunscreen

14-16 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Meat and batteries. Ads for/depicting meat AND ads for batteries

18 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Fruit. Ads for/depicting fruit

21-23 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Cologne/Perfume and Fear mongering. Ads for cologne/perfume AND ads for/depicting fear mongering

25 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Things that are salty. Anything you would define as salty

28-30 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Cartoon Ads and Tableware. Ads that are cartoons AND ads for/depicting tableware


I haven't figured out the calendar date wise yet, but the contest for this month will be Art Deco ads!


PAST EVENTS Placed here as reference.


14 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Flags. It's Flag Day, so any ad that depicts/includes/is selling flags--of any nation. We're an all inclusive community, all flags welcome!

15 Wednesday Contest Starts: Legs Depictions of legs in ads. They don't have to be bare legs, but legs should be featured. There are oodles of ads with legs. I don't think we've ever featured legs before (yes we are having events with other body parts ;)

17-19 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Dad's in Ads and the Sun. Father's Day weekend, so dad's in ads AND the sun in ads in anyway, shape or form since the 20th is the first day of summer.

20 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Long. It's the longest day of the year, so any mention of 'long' in an ad or a product name

25 Saturday ONE DAY EVENT: Honoring Korean War Veterans guest hosted by bradygirl_12

24-26 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Wedding related ads and Wacky Named Products. Any kind of ad related to a wedding (June brides :) Ads for wedding dresses, tuxedos, etc. AND Products that have wacky names: anything YOU personally consider a wacky name for a product.

28 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Smoking Ads for any kind of product you smoke


1-3 Friday - Sunday Weekend Event: Canada, Oh Canada! and things that are Spicy. It's Canada day July 1st, but let's celebrate Canada all weekend long! AND Things that are spicy, just that. Anything that you define as spicy. Open interpretation, as always.

4 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Red, White, and Blue. Ads with red, white, and blue in them. All together and/or separately.

7 Thursday Contest Starts: Summer Drinks (alcohol free). Alcohol free summer drinks (this helps narrows it, as it would be really really broad). Pop, kool-aid, ice tea, lemonade, etc.

8-10 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: If you won the lottery... and Lamps. What would you buy if you won the lottery? Use vintage ads to depict how you'd spend your riches! AND ads with lamps that are nifty, ads FOR lamps, LAMPS!

13 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Into the pink! Get into the pink with pink pink pink ads! Ads featuring the color pink!

15-17 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Tragic/Creepy in Retrospect and Gum. Ads that are tragic/creepy in retrospect (ie: the Titanic Ads, etc) AND ads for gum

19 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Barbershop/Beauty Parlors Ads for barbershops/beauty parlors or ads that depict them, etc

22-24 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Hideous Food and Feminine hygiene. Hideous looking food in ads, yes it's been awhile since we've seen jello monstrosities! AND Feminine Hygiene ads guest hosted by dandyxr. Let's count how many feminine hygiene ads can be posted depicting women on their period wearing all white!

27 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Unbelievable dialogue in ads. Those ads that have unbelievable dialogue in 'em

29-31 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Hump Day Hunks and Pickles. A whole weekend of Hump Day Hunks! A Hump Day Hunk, is an ad posted on Wednesday (hump day) of a man you consider a hunk. Our Hump Day Hunks weekend event will be guest hosted by the creator of it, write_light. AND this weekend, ads for pickles or ads that include pickles! Yes, I did put these 2 together for mirth and merriment.


2 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Dots. Let's get dotty!! Ads that have dots in 'em in any way, shape or form!

5-7 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Olympics and Motorcycles. The Olympic Games start on the 5th, so any kind of ad depicting/for the Olympics AND ads for/depicting Motorcycles

8 Monday Contest Starts: Airline Ads! I don't believe we've ever had a contest for them before and it's about time! Ads for airlines or ads that include an airline in the background!

10 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Ads from your city. Local ads from your hometown, where you live now, where you once lived, etc

12-14 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Aromatic Ads and Early Internet. Ads that could have an aroma to them. IIRC the member who suggested this, mentioned ads showing garbage---imagine that stink! So smells good and/or bad depicted in ads. AND ads from the days of the early internet, guest hosted by dandyxr! Let's see those AOL dial up ads!

16 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Window treatments. Ads for/depicting curtains/drapes/window blinds/etc

19-21 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Still in Business and Vices. Companies that are STILL in business, ie: Coca Cola; Sherman Williams; etc. AND Vices, ads for anything that depicts a 'vice'. Vices will be guest hosted by bart_calendar Anything the morality police would consider wicked.

24 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: The future as depicted in ads

26-28 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Feminism in ads and Railroads. August 26 is the 96th anniversary of Women's Suffrage. So ads depicting feminists, positive portrayals of women, etc AND railroads/railways/trains in ads guest hosted by beaver67

30 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Musical Instruments. Ads for/or that include musical instruments


2-4 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Double Entendres and Cookies. Ads that include double entendres---intentional or not AND ads for cookies!!

6 Tuesday Contest Starts: Hats Ads for hats. Men, women, or children's hats.

7 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Ear worm Jingles. Jingles that bore into your brain and remain for decades. I'm a pepper, wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?

9-11 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Condoms/Birth Control and Infants. Ads for condoms and/or other birth control methods AND infants in ads. Ads for baby items, ads showing babies, etc

13 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Minimalism in ads. Ads that are very minimalist

16-18 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Oceans/Water and Boats/Ships. Ads showing/depicting oceans and/or water AND Ads for/showing/depicting boats and/or ships

20 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Floating heads. Ads with floating heads

23-25 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Sweaters and Ancient Ads. Ads for sweaters, sweaters depicted in ads, etc Let's see what's the oldest ad we can find is! Ancient ads is just that! ANCIENT! Can we go back 300+ years?

28 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Stripes. Ads that have stripes in any way shape or form

30 - 2 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Dollar & Cents (symbols) and Mascots/Spokespeople. Ads that have the dollar and/or cents symbols in them---obviously for prices. Mascots and/or spokespeople featured in ads.


4 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Sour. Things that are sour. Open for interpretation.

5 Wednesday Contest Starts: Soup. Ads for/depicting soup Mmmm-mmmm good!

7-9 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Maidenform and Crunchy. I dreamed I was a Vintage Ads Mod in my Maidenform Bra. THOSE ads. Though any Maidenform ad/product is acceptable! AND, things that are crunchy!

10 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Native Americans and Theft Prevention. For Columbus Day, Native Americans in ads AND also ads for theft prevention.

14-16 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: 70s Home Decor and Tennis Shoes. Ads depicting/showing home decor from the 1970s. Can't wait to see all the avocado green!! AND Ads for tennis shoes or ads that shoe/depict tennis shoes!

18 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Disney. Ads involving Disney in anyway.

21-23 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Old West and Vintage Ads after Dark. Ads that depict the Old West in anyway AND Vintage Ads After Dark. Ads that are NSFW (please put behind a cut) and/or for products used between consenting adults.

26 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Pornstaches. Pornstaches in ads

28-30 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Clowns and Hideous Jello. Let's get good and scared for Halloween eh? Ads with clowns AND Hideous scary jello.

31 Monday ONE DAY EVENT Ads in Disguise/Annual Amnesty. One of the 2 days a year fake ads can be posted!


4-6 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Watches/Clocks and Boobs/Cleavage. We change our clocks this weekend, so ads with watches/clocks AND Ads depicting boobs/cleavage.

8 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT Nightmare Inducing Ads. Ads that, well, will induce a nightmare

9 Wednesday Contest Starts: Boxed Food (no jello). We've done a contest with canned food, why not boxed food? So any boxed food item---EXCEPT jello/gelatin!!

11-13 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: World's Worst Jobs and Purses. Any job you would consider the world's worst job depicted in an ad AND purses in ads

16 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Zoo Animals

18-20 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Deodorant and Wordy Ads. Ads for deodorant AND ads that are just basically a wall of text.

24 Thursday ONE DAY EVENT: Vegetables. Yes, it's Thanksgiving. Let's focus on vegetables.

25-27 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Creepy Kids and Changing Fashions. Creepy kids in ads AND ads depicting changing fashions through the years----you would post like 2 ads showing, say, women's dresses from the 1920s and women's dresses from the 1980s

29 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT Night time in ads. Ads that are shown as being at night


2-4 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Hawaii and Spam. Ads for/based in Hawaii AND Spam. Spam will be guest hosted by pronker

6 Tuesday Contest Starts: Superheroes. Superheroes depicted in anyway in ads. Underoos? Yep. Lunch boxes? Yep. Ads for games? Yep.

7 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Bald. Let's celebrate bald is beautiful with ads featuring bald individuals

9-11 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Dolls and Toys and Games. Basically a fun weekend of kid's stuff! :)

13 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENT: Pens, Pencils & Stationary. Probably around this date, there's a panic to get cards, etc in the mail, these things would be vital.

16-18 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Art Deco and TVs. Art Deco ads AND Ads for television sets. Art Deco will be guest hosted by thedabara_cds

21 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Short. It's the shortest day of the year, so ads that mention the word 'short' in the product name, in the ad copy, etc

23-25 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Snow and Travel. Ads that show snow AND ads that depict/involve travel in anyway

26 Monday ONE DAY EVENT: Boxes. It's boxing day, let's have ads showing boxes! (Yes I know, let's have fun)

30-31 Friday - Saturday Two Day Event: New Year's EVE PARTY!!!! Any kind of ad depicting or for something for a party. Party clothes, booze, nibbles, etc
Could we have a computer ads week or day? I absolutely love old computer ads! :)
Have we had a feminist/ gender equality day? The "Women in workplace portrayed positively" is pretty specific.

Other special day events that I would love to see: "The thing I really really wanted as a kid", Barbie, and Product Placement.
i can change women in the workplace to gender equality day....how about i call it women portrayed positively in ads? just remove the workplace?

we just did 'what i really wanted' or something like that a few days before christmas---that does NOT mean we can't do it again! :) fun ideas are ALWAYS repeatable!

a specific barbie weekend? what about a barbie day if i go find her birthday?

i like the idea of product placement but could you expand upon what you're thinking of how that'll work because i'm unsure......
Wikipedia says that Barbie's birthday is March 9, which is the date in 1959 that the doll first went on sale. It falls on a Sunday this year.

I would imagine that a product placement event would involve film clips. Example: the scene in the original "Dawn of the Dead" (accept no substitutes or remakes) in which Peter gives his classic "When there's no more room in Hell the dead will walk the earth" speech in front of the Penneys "funky P" mall sign.

BTW, I love the Out of Business event idea. That should be a contest sometime.
okay, i can add barbie's b-day on that sunday....thank you very much for looking that!!!

product placement like that is a slippery slope, as we don't allow film clips, ya know? hmmm....i like this idea but how can we work it so that we just post ads for the products---we can reference or even post the movie clips we gotta have an ad in the post....let's keep trying to figure this one out....

let's see how an out of business weekend goes and if it goes well, it can go in the 'contest' section of the 'hat'! :)
I don't think women in the workplace necessarily has to be positive - actually what I think makes it an interesting theme is seeing portrayals from different eras, comparing how the perception of women in the workplace evolved over time. I would suggest keeping it neutral, and doing a different theme around feminism or equality.