I was discussing tags with the head of our department of tagging---yes we here at vintage ads do have a department of tagging, we're all official like and if you'd like a superfluous title let me know and we can figure something out!! ---and there was a query I was unsure of. So I figured I'd ask y'all about that and then ask for other tag suggestions.

The current query. We currently have an 'old man' tag. Should we not have an 'old woman' tag? And/or should we have an 'elderly' 'seniors' or 'old people' tag(s)? I thought that seniors might be confusing for those who don't have english for a first language and/or cultural meanings. Old people might be considered insulting though. Geriatrics? Thoughts?

What other tags would you like? Ideas? We like to keep them somewhat broad, though obviously some are very specific.
yeah, i'm ALL for having fun, but i never ever want to have a tag that is insulting or demeaning---except of course 'putin sucks' :) hell when eddie turned like 53 or 54 the AARP started sending him stuff!!
OMG! I'll be 45 this April! Thanks for the heads up! I'll be sending that shit back to them! :)
i got my first AARP crap the day BEFORE my 50th birthday.

TWO days after my birthday, i got the first "plan your funeral!" letter. now THAT was a pain in the ass!
if only there was a way to get that into the tags you KNOW i'd do that!! :) oooo....what about 'this tag is purposely kept blank'?
i was watching the live show when the young lady bounced down the aisle and right out of her tube top.

i saluted the damn television. *G*
I'd use this image for a Free-For-All Friday! And mark it as the Free For All Friday Tag. :-)
What's free for all friday? should we do that? What about taggy tuesday? where you try to use the most tags as possible on a post that are applicable?
A Free-For-All-Friday in this case would be an invitation to people to post whatever ads they choose.

I like the idea of a Taggy Tuesday, too!
Please. At 36 I was referred to as an "Elderly Prima Gravida" when I was pregnant with my now 20-year-old son!
Yes you second that? I know we have Ford, Chevy, I think Dodge. Volkswagen is appropriate to ad. Also Mercedes if we don't have it already. Toyota, Datsun, Mazda, hmmm...mind turning to mush.....thought it was later and took all my bedtime pills early! :) Subdivisions of cars though is tricky, ya know? We could have specialty cars for say like deloreans because they didn't make any other model, ya know? and/or race cars.....

feed back on that?
i think having the ones for the *brand* (ford, chevy, whatever) and then "sportscar", "sedan", "stationwagon", etc would work.

(and as far as the older people go, i like the tag "old phart" but senior citizens is nicer.)
i drive a honda element. it's REALLY handy...the back seats will fold flat horizontally, or you can flip them up and fasten them to the side of the car to open the entire space, and they can be totally removed from the vehicle, too. it's a wee bit taller than a station wagon, but not as bulky as a large SUV.

then, there is no carpeting in the entire vehicle, so spills on the floor are not a huge issue, and you can sweep out any dirt that accumulates. all in all, a fun car to drive around in. :)
there are CUP holders built into the middle of the back seats! that's a pretty darn nifty thing as far as i'm concerned...although of late the cupholder holds a spiral bullystick chew toy for the wee beast. although she is not amused at being in the back seat and not in mama's lap, it is a LOT safer for her back there.

(she weighs in at just over 6 pounds, and has her own seat belt attachment in the back. she can get down on the floor or lie on the seat on her blankie, and is generally comfortable...but VOCAL in her displeasure about not being on my lap, hee!)
should we add a crab tag? :) think of the mirth and merriment we could have with that! yes yes i'll show myself to the door and go to bed!! ooo we're at -48 right now!!!
Lol, how about sixty years or older? Might be better for people whose first language is not English.
oh i like that....i thought senior citizen was good, but this might be a better one one to have in addition! we always have to take into account people who's first language isn't English and different cultures......we could also create AGE tags....infants, babies, children, teens, etc......
Maybe age tags would be the best way to go. :) It would point out that age is an issue in a post and then specify the age.
I vote for two tags: one for "Senior Citizens" and one for "Age 60+"