#2 for me.

I like the simple feel of it, vaguely art deco.

#1 - not liking that brick facade with the holes in the back - and, while the clock is awesome, WAY too high up.
I thought so as well, but I love #1s clock! I like #2 for being bright and I would love my cabinets on stilts like that for easy cleaning! Nowadays you'd just take the swiffer under it all and it's all done! Love how the shelf has a light right side and upside down for lighting.
While I do like the skylights in #1, the look of the room reminds me of a warehouse. I prefer #2.
2. Its way prettier. 1 has a better clock but yes, it's too high up and the whole kitchen looks busier and less distinctive. I would love to have a high ceiling with skylights!
I prefer #1. The more homely colours and clock are good plusses for me. Yet it's the changing levels of the countertop and space under the units in number 2 that steer me right away from that kitchen.
#1 with new cabinet facing (like #2's) and paint. High ceilings are never a bad thing, not to mention skylights.

#2, what a dust disaster. That whole wasted, unsweepable space beneath the cabinets, that odd yellow bar at eye level (dust AND grease).
I have a dust mop that's at least as old as that kitchen, and the handle can be lowered all the way to the floor while the mop stays flat on the floor. I regularly use it to collect dust from underneath furniture with less than a 3 inch clearance. Cleaning up under those cabinets would be a breeze!
It would be even breezier if the posts weren't blocking the mop every foot and a half, and if they went to the floor. Not that you can't clean it, but that you have to.
The purpose behind the design escapes me, too...unless it's just supposed to look airy. Just being different from the usual would be a selling point to some people. (People with maids? LOL)
There's something about the skylight that I don't like. It would make me feel, I don't know, exposed. Like a bug in a jar. I'd take 2, though if I owned it the empty space under the cabinets would be perpetually littered with cat toys and stray cereal.
Definitely #2 for me. i like the palate and the layout, and the overall design feels comfortable to me. #1, on the other hand, strikes me as being both closed-in and drafty. I don't think I would enjoy spending time in that space, skylights or no.