Not to be a complainy-pants but why haven't people yet realized that it's the 21st century and that YES, we can scan things at higher than 72 DPI?

I think I went blind trying to read that ad copy.

Higher DPI! Please! There's no excuse for less than 300 these days.
yes, please, thank you. i have crappy vision to *begin* with, and this just doesn't help any at all.
control(+)the plus sign will enlarge your page view. (if you have the separate numbers keypad anyway).

i DID get the page large enough to see the words. they were still ant-print tiny at 16 enlargements. the original copy of the ad must have been hell to read!

edit to give the correct keyboard command...because i are the goofbrain today.

Edited at 2014-03-18 10:30 pm (UTC)
you're welcome! it really helps me be able to read most webpages... dibetes that went untreated for at least a decade has lead to some really ugly eye problems, plus a weirdness on the left eye, and my vision is going.

i have glasses for distance vision, ones for computer-distance use, and for things closer than *that*, i take my glasses off entirely. and sometimes? i just take the glasses off and experience life as a blur. and it doesn't bother me to do that, LOL!!
Yikes. I never realized just how strict rationing was in WW2. They'll just have to wait til next month to have another banana.
"you will do the dishies, or you will be exterminated!"(/Dalek master)
I love this ad.

What, you don't have a machine gun turret in your kitchen?

*click-click* "I hope you prewashed this time!"
We had a Norge refrigerator for a while when I was a kid. That machine gun turret couldn't have been much noisier.