...is that Spam with tomato sauce and potatoes?!? All I can think of to say is that I have never seen that before until now? o.O;;
Nix the tomato sauce. Spam is best when there are no pretentions. Just fry it up and put it in a sandwich with an egg.

And no, that does not give you leave to make a spam quiche.
Oh shit, what is that?? Luncheon meat? Yipe, that really sets the imagination flying. :(
Apparently mixing it with a bit of brown sugar, grated onion, and a daring quarter-teaspoon of Lea & Perrins transforms it into barbecue sauce.

And then surround it with, not just potatoes, but canned potatoes.

I'm really not very hungry any more.
At first I thought it was cod roe, which in Denmark is eaten in blocks cut into slices, and fried.

I don't know if spam makes it better or worse! It's disgusting either way!