weekend event.....black & white ads

this ad is just filled with so much 'dafuq'?! you think children's services today looks at parents tp cuz that might be the cause of any problems? yeah yeah, that's extreme, but uh, dafuq?!

My personal policy is to never skimp on a bed, or toilet paper.

If you try Canadian toilet paper, you'll wonder why we aren't more miserable. The Eco-friendly pulp is akin to rubbing yourself with tree bark,
I'll add "good sheets" to your list. Because to those of us with "princess and the pea syndrome" it's a MESS to try to sleep on cheap sheets.
Indeed. My wife calls me that when I fuss over a wrinkle and have to restretch it. And I have to be equally covered (limbs never over the edge... That'll attract monsters)

I couldn't care less about the bed itself. Put the mattress on the floor. But imma gonna sleep in comfort on that floor.
Cashmere is not made of cashmere, alas.

But I have a 12x points coupon!
Doubtless it accounts for many cases of workplace bullying too