1. I was under the impression that Bill Blass didn't actually like women.

2. That disco underwear ad actually makes sense. Lots of gay clubs do underwear nights where you just wear underwear in the club and a lot of the underwear is very much like that pair and designed to show off the goods.
He didn't - I actually know a lot more about this - I could tell you but would have to kill you.

The velvet mafia is real.

This ad makes me all kinds of angry or would if it weren't so old!
i think the ad pretty much shows he didn't like women! :)

i have never heard of underwear nights!! of course i don't go to gay clubs!! if i was 20 years younger, and gay, i'd be into that!!
Yeah. It's such a thing now that the expensive underwear shops now sell boxers that have pockets in them for phone and wallet. (My assumption is that these nights are the only possible reason anyone would need pockets for their phone and wallet in their boxers.)
I'd love to see this Bill Blass ad done for men's cologne. What women could write!
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Studington sounds like it was totally made up for a porno!

lime juice nougat.....you cannot have enough lime juice on stuff as far as i'm concerned!!! i became this way after having to give up dairy a few months ago....

great great post!!! love your sunday samplers!!
The nickel guy looks like he's got a lot worse on his mind than just explaining what certain metals are good for.