Funny, I was just thinking about how Obama better get more security before some crazy white person kills him.

"I was just thinking about how Obama better get more security before some crazy white person kills him."

The possible responses that have so far come to mind:

A) What?

B) Because he's safe from a crazy black, Asian or Native American person?


D) Is it possible you could troll more obviously, since I think I may be missing some sub-text, here.


F) Which person triggered this response - the child with the BB gun, the child with the BB gun, or the child with the BB gun?

G) See icon.

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1) Troll? Seriously? What trolls have paid accounts with over 1000 posts?

2) Because he's safe from a crazy black, Asian or Native American person?

Not familiar with anybody from those groups trying to off the president/presidential contenders before. Does it mean that that'll never happen? No. But it's always been white people. Just saying.

And a brother ain't gonna kill Obama :|

3) I was half kidding. Don't get your PC undies in a twist. I'm not on some ZOMG KILL WHITEY campaign so calm down and enjoy the comm.

[Edit] Oh, and the child with the BB gun totally gave me Squeaky Fromme vibes


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I laughed when I read randomneses's comment. It was made entirely in good fun. I don't see what you're getting so worked up over. o_0 Apparently you didn't notice the sarcasm...
Okay, if all my sons got rifles, I'd at least expect a little pearl-handled pistol. One small enough to hide in my purse or hairdo.
I think I have the BB gun the smallest one is holding somewhere...

To the people attempting to bring politics into this a)not everyone agrees with you b) remember this: the cities in the US with the most restrictive gun laws also have the highest murder rates by guns. The cities with the least restrictive gun laws have lower murder rates. Try figuring that out, would ya?
Oh, sure, I remember this show - "My Three Guns".
(Uncle Charlie: "In my day, a shiv and a blackjack'd handle any punk-monkey that came along.")
"You'll shoot your eye out. And Dad's, and Mom's, and little Timmy's and Bubba, and Tyrone. F*ck it, just get a rocket launcher."

I don't know why I feel compelled to caption these things. *_*
Um, just wanted to apologize to the OP for all the unnecessary wank this is causing. Thanks for the find, really.

isabelladangelo, you may be right. It wasn't an air gun - it was a spring gun. You cocked it like a Winchester, as you see, but what you were doing was more akin to cocking a crossbow - a powerful spring was forced back to catch. Released, it propelled the BB.

It worked well enough for target shooting.

By the way, thudpucker, I think you're wrong. #10 is, as I said, a BB gun - suitable for small fry - but the two older kids are holding .22s. See the ejection port on the right side of #3's receiver? That's a real Winchester design - the lower 'barrel' is actually a tubular magazine.

Bobby Brylcreem, there at #1, has a single-shot weapon - though of much higher power and accuracy.

Hmmm... number ten is absolutely a "you'll shoot your eye out, kid" air rifleBB gun. Number 1 is, I think, one of those "break barrel to cock" .177 air rifle. I assumed that number 3 was also an air rifle, then, by process of elimination. I remember the old Sear's catalogs, and they tended to advertise like things together. If the photo had two air rifles, I don't think they'd put an actual rifle there, also. Too confusing, with too many eight year olds going "Oh! I want that one!".

But I will concede the possibility that you're right. Good catch :)

LOL Christmas to remember.