I have friends who like baby food D: One of them brought these weird banana snacks made for babies to Studio Art a month or so ago. They were attacking me for thinking it was bizarre. :S

And is the black girl's shirt supposed to look like it has a lemon design? Because it sure looks like she just sucked on one.

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And is the black girl's shirt supposed to look like it has a lemon design? Because it sure looks like she just sucked on one

It does! lol
At one point Gerber actually tried marketing pureed food in jars for adults, calling them "Gerber Singles". As you can imagine, it was a dismal failure, not just because it was such a gross idea, but because it even had a depressing name (they were actually called "singles" because they were aimed at single people).
oh i think i remember that....

yeah, nothing more depressing than being single and eating baby food!
I've heard that that product was introduced because of the number of college students buying baby food. I might be wrong.
oh i didn't notice that icon til i read your comment...that is awesome!!!

Oh, Cliff
Sometimes it must be difficult not to feel as if
You really are a Cliff
When fascists keep trying to push you over it
Are they the lemmings?
Or are you *Cliff*?
Or *are* you, Cliff?
wait, didn't he sign it "boomshanka"? and he spelled it out...."may the seed of your loin be successful in the belly of your woman"---or something like that....

definitely the better letter writer!
They could really move units if it came with the shot of whiskey already mixed in, ala Truman Capote.
The words "strained" & "desserts" should not go together.
Totally taking advantage of the ever-enduring "baby food diet".

And both girls look like extras from the Black Hole Sun video.
Um, some baby foods aren't that horrible. I wouldn't be buying "baby" food marketed to adults, no, but having a kid made me curious enough to try the actual Gerber baby foods. The blueberry buckle and vanilla puddings are good. The fruits seem to be really, really tart, but not "gross." The meats, however, are gross.
I think it may have more to do with the mental image of a baby mushing up and blubbering and slobbering the mush back out and having it scooped up and shoved back in its mouth that makes it so gross. At least to me, that's a big part of the problem.
When I was in high school a group of girls ate only baby food before prom in an attempt to lose weight. They were all sent to the counselor after a few days to check for an eating disorder.

I'll take a nice salad with edamame over a jar of mush any day. Blarrghh
fact: there was a kid in grade school who brought baby food in his lunch and was mercilessly teased (for that, among other things). BAD IDEA
Oh dear gawd, make it go away! After perforating two ulcers twenty-five years ago, I had to eat baby food for quite some time afterward. I think I remember forcing down maybe three of the desserts and a few of the fruits, but never the meats or veggies. I'll have nightmares tonight, I'm sure. "Gerber Singles"? Ugh!
Yeah, she lost like 400 pounds (with the food, not the feet, that is ;)) and was in the Guinness Book of World Records, I think.
I mean, applesauce falls under that "baby food"-like category...

I agree that it's still a rather odd marketing choice for Gerber.
"The secrets out!...The person in marketing that came up with this idea is soo getting fired on Monday!"
I like baby food. The fruity mushy kind is nice (with ice cream especially), and, but that I only ever tell to complete strangers, noodles in tomato sauce are good as well, when eaten cold and on the go. Nothing with meat for me though.

And of course a baby food diet works, most of these jars don't even have enough nutrients for a baby, let alone an adult body. There was a mini-scandal a while back about this and I think it's suggested to mix baby food jars with a healthy oil to up the nutritional value if you feed them.
I have a distinct memory of my youngest not handling baby food well. I had carefully reheated a jar of fruit to blood temperature and tried feeding it to her. First she pried the spoon from my fingers and threw it and then she caught the wrist of the hand holding the jar. Within moments her knife-like tiny nails had dug in and the jar was pried from my fingers too. The jar followed the spoon to smack against the wall.

I figured it was a message of some sort.
did you ever gett the price of this stuff, its more money than regular food

I have to say that every once in a while I buy the powdered Gerber baby rice in the box, Yumm yumm!!! I dont give a poop what people say!! I also Love Zweibacks teething cookies too!!!
Uh, I like the rice cereal too. I'm also the only person in my family who will eat biscotti, because our sweet Italian neighbors figured it was enough like teething biscuits to feed me when I was little. They'd serve me tiny star pasta with curd cheese, too. Totally recommended.

Wikipedia really does know everything.
My sister and tried the food she was feeding to her daughter. She quickly switched to "real" food that was cut up into damn near mircoscopic pieces. She said she could TOTALLy understand why the kid keeps spitting it out (Rose had a good amount of teeth btw when she did this!)
was she still on drugs then? that might explain that??

i've seen those meat sticks in the jars and it looks like little fingers....:gag:
I used to eat baby food in college! I liked the puree with blueberries and bananas.