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and people tell me that there have been a lot of fucked up drugs used in this world, BUT NONE BELIEVED ME!! now they will, thank you Esmeralda, thank you will all my heart because now i know that im not the only one who knows stupid shit that doesnt need to be known. i am pygmytyrant on deadjournal, nothing of interest there, just thought that you should know a cozen of sorts showed up

i forgot to add "'nt" to "have" in "there have been" and have should be "has". i also forgot to add "on the masses" before the first comma. "will" should be "with". wow, i am too high
Loved these! I wish I had some of them framed for my office ( to inspire confidence in my patients)
Unbelievable ads. Great post.

Pushin Daisies
Valerie is going to have to comment on this tomorrow, but it was fun to read them with an actual pharmacist (even a drunk one) on hand - she teaches me something every day....
wow! doriden!
i'm too young to remember the days of doriden and pediatric use of nembutal...my grandfather was a gov't sales rep for ciba-geigy back in the 60's and 70's and we had all kinds of ritalin promotional material, his boat was even named "miss ritalin"

doriden (glutethemide) was a hell of a dangerous sedative, too many and you never wake up again. quite the abuse potential.

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Re: wow! doriden!
I used to get Doriden in college. It wasn't scheduled and it was better than Quaalude by far!
Christ, break these up... not everybody has some screaming-fast broadband connection.
Ciekawa kolekcja, skąd wziełaś to wszystko?
I want one that gets somebody else to make you breakfast!
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My mention of this collection:

errrrm, yes, yes, yes, no, no, no, yes, no, no, never heard of it, no, no, yes, Ohhh yes, no, no, never heard, out of production, no, yes, no, no, yes, too expensive, yes, yes, only once, no, no, good friend - sad story, no, yes, bad friend - excellent story, no, if only
so many old drugs left to try, here was me worrying about what new drugs to use.
Thankyou for enlightenment.
I'm an anesthesiologist who also stumbled here via B3TA. I use a few of these drugs on my patients in my practice, but some, well, Ritalin for reversal of 'barbiturate anesthesia'? Cracks my ass up!! Thanks for a most excellent post!
Add I want to see
You touch on some of the barbiturate sleeping pills. Why no adds of Seconal,or Tuinal(secobarbital-amobarbital compound)? A couple of Eli Lilly's contributions to the pharmaceutical world. Or better yet. I would love to see an add of Abbott pharmaceuticals shortlived brainchild, Desbutyl-not sure if I spelled correctly-A compound of Desoxyn-methamphetamine,and Nembutal-pentobarbital. There's a yo-yo drug for you. I'm up I'm down I'm up I'm down, but god do I feel good!!!!!!!!!
It must have been so easy to be a druggie. I would have been dead.
These are priceless!
I laughed all the way through the page. (I think it was the drugs)
Thanks for posting these--this is my first time on LIve Journal and this post was the reason I signed up.
Enough bullshit...please pass the Thorazine!