The address is one block north of the main public library in Manhattan, hence the marketing tie in.
Browse Hard
(or, Hooked on Books)

“Ya want some action among the stacks?
Are dull chapters keepin’ ya bluey?
A tenner’s the only card you need
To make my decimal system Dewey.

Read with your fingers, see what’s inside,
In my room there’s no noise restriction.
With your nose in great lits, and your eyes on The End,
Try the section that’s marked ‘Adult Friction.’”
I find this hot. I'm sure the reality of going into the place would not be hot the idea of a brothel done up like a library with girls dressed as librarians who lose control and go all sexy-like is pretty awesome.
"Oooh, SHUSH ME, Baby!"
"Look across the tops of your half-lens glasses-on-a-chain and give me a good shushing! I've been such a noisy boy!"
Re: "Oooh, SHUSH ME, Baby!"
Yeah totally. "I was supposed to bring this book back last year but I forgot AAAAALLL about it and I don't have any money. How can I pay the fine when I don't have any money? My, it's hot in here." Bow chicka chicka. I love it.