i wanted to say something intelligent but my outrage is stronger and does not come out coherent. very very sad indeed.
The woman looks like Robin Quivers (a la Howard Stern), kind of.

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Fun fact: hydroquinone is a key ingredient in photo developer.

Its use in cosmetics and skin care products is now banned in many countries due to suspected carcinogenic properties.
For the most part, hydroquinone creams sold in N America are meant to be used for spots of hyperpigmentation, I think. It's strong stuff, so the idea of using it all over seems scary.
Because, really, aint black ugly?
Arghhh! Who would market this? WHY would you market this to your brothers and sisters?

Someone once posted an ad on their blog for some product they currently have in Japan that is used to glue up the upper eyelids so their eyes look less Asian, more round, ergo more "beautiful." I cannot stand it. Lemme find it... here is the video on how to use the eyelid glue. Lovely... and ouch, that frikken tong that lifts the lid...