World War I.....BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


July 6th I had a BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trifecta day!! I saw it once going along Rte. 8, then TWICE right over my house!!!!! Um, if you know me AT ALL i perhaps get a wee bit excited when i see THE BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* it was also the first time i HEARD the new one up close and it's quiet...the old one you can hear coming over a couple miles away....but i know what it sounds like now!!!


third time i took video....yeah, the sun made it splotchy but you can hear it!! :D

* = THE BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! is ONLY Goodyear, any other craft shaped like a 'blimp' or claiming to be such is an imposter and if they fly over my house i give 'em the finger, unless there's little kids out, then we all give 'em the thumbs down....

Week of July 27 - August 2 Events

As always, I'll post a reminder the day before, this is the heads up at the beginning of the week! :)

July 28, Tuesday, ONE DAY EVENT: WWI era ads. This is the day WWI began in 1914 Ads that involve WWI, ads from the time period of WWI that don't involve war, etc

July 31 - August 2, Friday - Sunday, Weekend Events: AC & Fans AND Things you love to do (hobbies)! Two events are:

AC & fans is self-explanatory, I hope.

Then ads for things you love to do/hobbies. Love to read? Ads for books and if you can't find an ad for the books you love, you can sub a movie trailer or something and tell us in the post. Love to garden? Gardening based ads. Love to shop? Ads for your favorite stores or things you love to buy. Etc. Let's have fun with this one!

Books....weigh in....what do you like to read?

i had a hell of a time finding any book ads for this weekend!!! i know damn well there were book ads in the 70s and 80s cuz i saw them in magazines!! that's how i learned about a lot of books....and not specifically book club adverts for a specific book.....

anyway....what do you like to read? i usually stick with non-fiction and bios/auto-bios but i will read stephen king books....i got the 2nd book in the mr. mercedes trilogy, finders keepers, from the library about a week ago and read it in 24 hours---great book! :) this year i'm keeping 'official' track of what i've read yeah, stephen king heavy, eh? i have skeleton crew ready to read in my 'from the library' pile too....i'll be finishing jesse ventura's american conspiracies today.....then i think i'll read the mary lincoln bio authorized by her son and his widow....

in the 80s when i laid out in the sun i read mostly fiction....jackie collins usually....and yeah, some stephen king then for some reason i prefer non-fiction mostly....

what do you like to read? do you have a favorite book? topic? i think my favorite topic would probably be the british royal family.....i got hooked on them when i read about queen victoria's bad childhood....i also have loved gloria vanderbilt's books about her life....goes to show despite having wealth, you can have a horrible childhood too that will have repercussions that resonate later in life....