My Fairies are Late!

It's pronounced "Dear-Kiss", the tiny text tells us.  Djer-Kiss has some of the best fairy art ever, let alone in advertising.

Read all about it!

Artists they teamed with include: Maxfield Parrish, RL and Ed Forkum, Willy Pogany, Friedrich Richardson, and others.

Adorably French!Collapse )

La Toilette Complète d'une ParisienneCollapse )

One Secret of the Harmony of la Toilette ParisienneCollapse )

Prices in ads...

This ad just has '1930s' as a date, so I went with 1932. $483 is now $8,701.72. $898 is now $16,178.35. $1162 is now $20,934.58. $1020 is now $18,376.31. And $865 is now $15,583.83. All still incredibly affordable!!


Weekend Events Starting tomorrow!!

13-15 Friday - Sunday Weekend Events: Fairies (ie: Tinkerbell) & Adjusted for inflation Ads containing fairies & then ads that contain a price and we'll adjust it for inflation (please have approx ad year)

Fairies in ads! Yes, even products with the name Fairy, wide interpretation as always!


Ads adjusted for inflation! Ads with prices, also will need a year--or approximate one, and then see how much it'd cost today via an inflation calculator.