One day event TOMORROW!!

Tuesday, November 24, ONE DAY EVENT: Ads in foreign languages

Ads in foreign languages, I, um, hope that's self-explanatory. Now if English is 'foreign' for you, let's just say non-English ads, since the majority of ads posted here are English. There's a plethora of non-English vintage ads! :)

Our Week's Events!!

As always I will post a reminder with more detail the day before they start. We just have several this week, so I'm posting a head's up! :)

November 24, Tuesday, ONE DAY EVENT: Ads in foreign languages

November 26, Thursday, ONE DAY EVENT: Turkeys and Thanksgiving ads

November 27 - 29, Friday - Sunday, Weekend Events: Floating body parts in ads AND Zombie apocalypse, what you would need to survive one!

weekend event....baggies....

i could never figure out why they had an aligator mascot....i do wish twist tie baggies were common nowadays cuz i'll be damned if i can really succeed at those seal ones----yeah, i'm pretty inept....but if your hands are wet, or you've put something in the baggy that's moist, you can't really seal 'em shut without drying the seal....and GAH!!! give me a damn twist tie!!!


Vintage Ads on Facebook

Our community's 'Keeper of the Tags', noluck_boston, kindly took over the Vintage Ads' facebook page when I finally decided "I quit this bitch" and permanently deleted my account (I haven't missed it one bit, which I found surprising, but it's been 3 weeks and nope, not one bit!).

ANYWAY, the Vintage Ads facebook page is still active, and can be found here. It's in very good hands with our Keeper of the Tags. I hope noluck is okay with me referring to them as that, because they ensure we are properly tagged. I'm a bad mod and rarely even tag my own ads :) They also fill in for me on those times I'm not around.

Weekend EventS Starting Tomorrow!

Friday - Sunday, November 20 - 22, Weekend Events: Trash bags & storage bags AND Ads for an ingredient in your favorite recipe(s) and PLEASE feel free to share your favorite recipes!!

Trash bags and storage bags are something I don't think we covered specifically before....items we probably all mostly use! There are a lot of ads for both!

Ads for an ingredient in your favorite recipe(s) is a REALLY broad one, but it was suggested by a community member as perhaps a way for members to share recipes. And what better time of year than now for this than when many people are probably going thru recipes for the upcoming holidays? Basically an ad for an ingredient in a favorite recipe of yours. You don't HAVE to post your recipe and it can be an ad WITH recipe.