Weekend Event: Railways

To compete with CP's "Canadian" the Canadian National introduced "The Super Continental" on the same date as CP's "Canadian" although with smooth-side cars built by Canadian Car and Foundry and Pullman-Standard. It didn't have dome cars, either. Domes didn't appear on CN until they bought the Super Domes from the Milwaukee Road in c.1964.

Condolences to the Vine family.

One Day Event: Future as Predicted AND a weekend teaser!

American Locomotive Company (ALCO) two-page spread ad from the 40's about the future of train travel (separate pages for easier reading). This is also a teaser of this weekend's theme: all things train and railroads that I am honoured to host. I have LOTS of railway ads -- frieght, passenger, train travel, equipment, and supplies. Hopefully this will get some of you in that mindset.

This week's upcoming events...

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24 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: The future as depicted in ads

26-28 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Feminism in ads and Railroads. August 26 is the 96th anniversary of Women's Suffrage. So ads depicting feminists, positive portrayals of women, etc AND railroads/railways/trains in ads guest hosted by beaver67