one day event.....bbq

it doesn't say where the 'drippings' go.....i don't believe vertical grilling caught on, as i've never seen anything like this before, have you? it IS a change of pace though having a woman at the grill instead of a man!


One Day Event TOMORROW!!

ONE DAY EVENT TOMORROW!! Monday, May 25 is Memorial Day for the USA. It seems to also be 'kick off BBQ' season too, so BBQ ads! Anything BBQ related! Grills, charcoal, lighter fluid, meat, other foods to grill, side dishes, beverages and yes, if you wish to go with ads depicting BBQ attire, that's fine too! :)

weekend event....civil war....

lincoln logs are one thing....but insurance? and why not a whiskey for grant? grant lived in galena, illinois before and after the war....the city gave him a house after the war that you can now tour.....the house he lived in before the war is a private home but is sometimes on their yearly tour....galena, if you're interested in 19th century styled architecture, is a wonderful place to visit....i think most of the downtown is on the historic register, as are many of the homes.....they have a huge HUGE painting by thomas nast depicting the signing of peace at appomattox between lee and grant....

lincoln insurance

grant insurance 1956