Where's Herb?

I have no recollection of this ad campaign, but I did come upon this interesting article today about it- http://mentalfloss.com/article/89371/bad-beef-remembering-burger-kings-infamous-wheres-herb-campaign

Also, on a Personal note, I would like to add that I have never eaten a whopper. I like(d) their cheeseburgers well enough though.

I saw this searching for print ads, and all I could think of was that Star Trek Episode with the Space Hippies.... I AM NOT HERBERT.Collapse )

Avoid the Noid!

remember that weird pizza mascot guy?

I had no idea he was done in by a paranoid schizophrenic by the name of Kenneth Lamar Noid who believed the ads were about him....Truth is stranger than fiction... Paranoid Mr. Noid was Annoyed.


(maybe start a tag for pizza?)

One Day Event- Mac Tonight!

from what I understand, it was the cost of licencing Mack the Knife that killed this campaign

I remember kinda liking these ads as a kid.... but looking at them now, its kinda... creepy...

ETA- here's a link to a fairly good story about the rise and fall of Mac Tonight-

Display your ass and Walkman!

From 1985! Can you imagine how sweaty your ass would get in such pants? "No, that's not pee running down my legs, it's sweat." Remember Walkmans? Damn, I sound like a memberberry from South Park. Ooooo I member!! Didn't you feel cool having something that is now equivalent to about 6-8 cell phones on top of each other that played one cassette? You had to either just be content with one cassette for the day, or carry around cassettes with you too.

Though Walkmans were an improvement from the huge ghetto blasters. Those things were really heavy and took like a dozen D batteries. With a Walkman though, you couldn't 'share' whatever you were listening to, unless you had it full blast so those around you could listen too--whether they wanted to or not. Now we can put hundreds, thousands, of songs on our cell phones. Damn, I feel old.

1985 sony