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I'm not sure what year this ad is from; I'd say maybe could be the first 1929 ad or one from very early 1930s. Here's a bit of info on the Bird's Custard Co:

Bird’s Custard was invented by the Chemist Alfred Bird in 1837, essentially because his custard-loving wife was allergic to eggs – the main ingredient used in traditional recipe. It is said that after Alfred accidentally fed dinner guests his non-egg custard to great approval he realised it could be marketed and formed the company Alfred Bird and Sons to do just that.

Not content to transform the world of custard Alfred Bird went on to invent baking powder in 1843 although it was originally known as Bird’s Fermenting Powder. He must have been devoted to his wife because it was because she was also allergic to yeast that he had been experimenting with other ways of raising bread. By 1895 his Birmingham based company was producing blancmange powder, jelly powder and egg substitutes. In WW1 Bird’s Custard, now ubiquitous, was supplied to the British armed forces – the company earlier had famously supplied baking powder to British troops in the Crimean war.

It was Alfred’s son, Alfred junior, who really brought modern practices to the company and a motto hanging in the Birmingham Factory summed up the Bird’s company philosophy:

Early to bed, early to rise

Stick to your work —. And advertise!

Bird’s went on to become famous for its advertising and introduced the famous ‘three bird’ logo in 1929.

During World War II and the extensive food rationing Birds and Sons had to seriously ramp down production when many of their sugar-based products were stopped. The advertising, however, continued which helped to keep the company in the public’s eye. Shortly after the war, Bird’s was purchased by the General Foods Corporation, which was itself taken over by Philip Morris and merged into Kraft Foods. In late 2004, Kraft sold Bird’s Custard ato Premier Foods, who are now the current owners. Although Bird’s Custard still exists and is still very popular, the name itself is now just a brand.

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I was shocked to hear that Prince passed away today. I was not a fan of his music, but still...gee! What a bummer.

The only thing I could think of is this charming Stan Freberg commercial that, of course, is goofy yet surprisingly simply made. There are some neat stories in the comment about how this ad received a C&D but Stan managed to turn things around.

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I don't have a TV, I'm not really reading anything online about Prince---I mean the headline was enough--but I did go thru twitter images. Doesn't matter how he passed, finding the reason why will not bring him back. Only the family should be privileged to know that and of course they need to have that answered. He's returned to the purple planet in a galaxy far far away, where it rains purple, the snow is glitter, and the flowers are diamonds and pearls.



I don't think I can take much more roughness.


No matter your religious beliefs (or lack of), I love this.


There's always a rainbow at the end of every rain. As one appeared over Paisley Park today. In this case, I think it should be: There's always a rainbow at the end of every reign.


ETA: The Google Doodle tribute is simple, yet I think very touching. link here

Honoring Prince in Our Own Way

I have a scheduled post with our weekend events posting in a few hours. I honestly cannot remember what they are at this moment. I can barely type as my hands are shaking. I thought David Bowie's passing was a cultural shock; but now Prince?! PRINCE?! Someone form a protective circle around John Taylor of Duran Duran for the rest of the year please.

As with David Bowie, Prince has a major impact on my life. His lyrics profoundly affected me from '78 thru high school in '87. And no, not just the sexual aspects, though I'd label a lot of them sensual. Though um, yeah, there's some straight up explicit songs. Who else but Prince could have a song G-Spot? In many of his songs there was an undercurrent of spirituality that could speak to you, if you listened, no matter your individual beliefs. Messages of positivity, being yourself, all people are the same no matter their race/sex/nationality, and there's no shame in enjoying yourself.

In addition to our previously scheduled weekend events, let's have PURPLE to honor Prince. Ads that include any shade of purple in any way. Also, of course, any Prince ads. You can also post, anything----meaning no ad required----about Prince now thru Sunday.

Honoring Prince starts now, not tomorrow.

"Don't need no segregation, don't need no race." "No child is bad from the beginning, they only imitate their atmosphere." From Sexuality, which I couldn't embed, as I don't know Chinese, but you can watch the original video here.

He was inducted in the Rock Hall in 2004. Prior to this, there was a list of the 100 greatest guitarist in Rolling Stone and he wasn't on it. Nice FU by him here and he didn't overpower the song and George Harrison always wanted guitar solos in Beatle songs. George's son was thoroughly enjoying it.

I do not have a guitar, but I am weeping. I wish u heaven Prince. Rest in Purple.