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Christian Anti-Jewish Party flyer, circa 1950. Ralph McGill papers, Emory University Special Collections.

This hatred-stirring campaign eventually culminated in the Atlanta Temple Bombing:

On the morning of Sunday, October 12, 1958, shortly after 3:30 a.m., an explosion ripped through the Reform Temple on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. Although no one was hurt, the blast, which woke people from their sleep several blocks away, caused almost $200,000 of damage.

Within fifteen minutes of the blast, staff at United Press International received a call from an individual identifying himself as "General Gordon of the Confederate Underground." "We bombed a temple in Atlanta," intoned the voice. "This is the last empty building we will bomb . . . Negroes and Jews are hereby declared aliens."

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'Cuz candy is better than fruit any day!

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No one is this excited about pancakes.

Aunt Jemima Life 9-26-38
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Sanford's Ginger [front]
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'Cuz kids can't grow without enough ice cream and vitamines.

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Out of Vacuum Harness Oil in an inland town. People cannot exist without it. (front)
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yep, this is offensive (duh, water is wet too).....i'm sure texaco was just being 'patriotic' at the time.....new 'offensive' tag!

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A hand-made classified ad. Craigslist 1910 style.
child labor ad abt 1910
We hope this job had something to do with the production of buttons.

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