I've had this earworm for two days, doctor…

I remember I used to hear this jingle often on the radio back in the 70s; not only is it a catchy tune, but I think it's kinda classy—everything a jingle should be!

From the site:

"I will warn you now, this jingle is dangerously catchy, and depending on how you feel about getting ear-worms, it's either the jingle from hell or it's heaven sent. So, I'm sorry. Or, you're welcome. (Also, I'd love to hear Mx. Justin V. Bond sing a version of this!)"

(Singing) "Suddenly, there’s a heavenly fragrance that clings. It’s Heaven Sent

Suddenly, you’re an imp wearing angel’s wings

In Heaven Sent, suddenly, you are all the things you want to be, a little bit naughty but heavenly..in Heaven Sent!

(Male voiceover) Heaven sent fragrance by Helena Rubinstein. Spray it on, and heavenly things happen. Heaven Sent. Splash in it, laugh in it, live in it, love in it. You’ll find Heaven Sent fragrance at Helena Rubinstein counters everywhere.

...Suddenly you are all the things you want to be, a little bit naughty but heavenly...in Heaven Sent!"

Weekend EventS Starting Tomorrow!

Friday - Saturday May 13-15 Bad luck in ads, horror movies, and first aid!!

Tomorrow's Friday the 13th is the ONLY one this year!! In honor of that, bad luck depicted in ads. Anything depicted in an ad that you know isn't going to end well; ads that show something bad that already happened and how their product/service can fix it (ie: Maytag repair man); black cats (yes stereotype, but it fits the Friday the 13th theme); etc As always WIDE interpretation!! We'll carry the theme throughout the weekend.

Also for Friday the 13th (and the whole weekend), horror movie trailers and ads!!

And finally, ads for first aid products. Band-aids, antibiotic ointment, bactine, etc. Anything that'll help patch ya up!

Contest Starting TOMORROW!!!

Yes, we're still going bareback without a calendar; BUT I'm about 1/2 way done!! So progress? Hell, high water, and all my brake lines going out---on a hill, of course while going down---have contributed to my inability to sit here for hours uninterrupted. Knock on wood, if they don't start demolishing the house across the street this morning, I'm gonna sit here and just DO IT! No way I could work with the house being demolished, as the street is 15' wide and well, my house will be shaking, vibrating, windows rattling, it'll be noisy as hell, etc.

I sincerely thank y'all for your patience!!!

Our contest theme for May is FAST FOOD!! Ads for fast food restaurants!! Chain or even local fast food, doesn't matter.

Our rule post:

1. You must at least put 'contest' in the subject line for me to tally votes for your entry.

2. Print or video ads are fine.

3. All regular Vintage Ads' rules apply EXCEPT only one ad per contest entry please.

4. VOTING is via a 'YES' in the comments. I can only tally a YES as a vote so as to be completely fair to everyone.

5. As always, non-contest/non-event themed vintage ads are ALWAYS welcomed to be posted!!

6. Hem and Haw Rule: I'm trying to decide how to atone for being a bad mod about the event calendar. Perhaps I should punish myself by engaging in a discussion with Jon Williamson on how all vintage ads belong to him cuz he slaps his watermark on them? No, I think that's too harsh, much too harsh.

7. If you remember, please tag your post 'contest entry'. If you don't remember to do that, no worries, I'll do it for you.

8. The MOST important rule of Vintage Ads all the time: HAVE FUN!!!