Weekend Event Vices!

Well I am the worst host ever. My bad and I apologize to the community. Real life got super busy Firday night through Saturday (ironically due to what some people would certainly consider "vices."

Anyway, I'm here now and he we go.

Still in business....

...Goodyear!! In 1901 they were making horseshoes.


Of course, y'all should know I'm a wee bit obsessed with the Goodyear BLIMP!!!!!!!!!! (ONLY Goodyear's, all others are imposters!)

Weekend EventS Starting Tomorrow!

19-21 Friday - Sunday Weekend EventS: Still in Business and Vices. Companies that are STILL in business, ie: Coca Cola; Sherman Williams; etc.

AND Vices, ads for anything that depicts a 'vice'. Vices will be guest hosted by bart_calendar. Anything the morality police would consider wicked.