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The White Man's Burden (i.e., "all these dusky savages are such a drain on my weekend yachting").

16 February 2013 @ 07:00 pm
1800's or 1850's or a slavory tag needed, please! =)

Those types of ads could appear in an important section of the newspaper (sometimes including illustrations) or in the classified ads.
I hope this is okay to post.


R$ 50U000

It is still missing, since October 18th, 1854, the creole slave named


He is around 20 years of age, lacking front teeth, with a very short beard, short stature, strong, bearing smallpox scars acquired a few years ago. He is lazy, moody, speaks fast looking down to the floor. Sometimes he walks with shoes, and says his name is Fortunato Lopes da Silva. He knows how to cook, how to bind, and has knowledge of plantations, the activity he knows best. If you arrest him, hand him over to the police, and give notice at the court warning the slave's owner Eduardo Laemmert, on Quitanda Street nº 77, and then you will receive the reward of 50U000."
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Washing the Black off.
Dixon's Carburet of Iron Stove Polish. [front]
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Textron, 1949

Yeesh, the racism.

Full size 1215x1605

Marlboro, 1955

Who knew the Marlboro Man wore a jaunty polka-dot scarf?

Full size 1200x1600

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I hate rats. I cant imagine eating one.

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What Passed For Humour
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Racist Ad: Aunt Jemima
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Racist Ad: GE Ranges