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The snob value of canned pineapple

Found this while searching for regrettable-food ads.  It doesn't fit the contest category but I had to post it anyway:

There is so much here.  Bear in mind that this is the depths of the Depression:  playing on snob value, that at our table we serve only the center slices.  I can almost hear her drawl:  "Mahhhhvelous, aren't they?"  His pencil-thin mustache.  A smoking jacket for Christ's sake.  Her marcel wave, and her body language, and that silk peignoir.  Wine glasses and doilies on the breakfast table.

And the maid, bringing in the coffee with the faint composed smile of someone who's just spit in your fucking center slices.

(Good Housekeeping, December 1933.  I wonder if there's any chance of a "Great Depression" tag?)

Slave (1854)

1800's or 1850's or a slavory tag needed, please! =)

Those types of ads could appear in an important section of the newspaper (sometimes including illustrations) or in the classified ads.
I hope this is okay to post.


R$ 50U000

It is still missing, since October 18th, 1854, the creole slave named


He is around 20 years of age, lacking front teeth, with a very short beard, short stature, strong, bearing smallpox scars acquired a few years ago. He is lazy, moody, speaks fast looking down to the floor. Sometimes he walks with shoes, and says his name is Fortunato Lopes da Silva. He knows how to cook, how to bind, and has knowledge of plantations, the activity he knows best. If you arrest him, hand him over to the police, and give notice at the court warning the slave's owner Eduardo Laemmert, on Quitanda Street nº 77, and then you will receive the reward of 50U000."