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Vintage ad related art exhibit in NYC

Cole Swimsuits (1956)

If you're in or around NYC, you should check out UNBRANDED: A CENTURY OF WHITE WOMEN, 1915-2015 at the Jack Shainman Gallery in Chelsea, an exhibition of ads with all the copy and product info stripped out. A few were obvious (Maidenform, Cream of Wheat) and I recognized the ad above/photo below because I had it queued up to post.

More photos from the exhibit.Collapse )

Cessna private planes - and YOU!


Cessna was a big proponent of private aviation, and many women got their private pilot's license.  It takes passing ground school (1 semester) and a test, followed by a few months of hands-on lessons (once a week).

My mom did it (in the 70s), and she's still so proud, as are we all of her. She had a pilot's license, and though she never pursued it further, it was a huge achievement for her.  My dad did it too, and enjoyed flying for years.

Diner's Club '56 and Carte Blanche '59


Halliday Clark is a Man of Responsibility.

A little history from Wikipedia
"Carte Blanche originated in 1958 as a rebranded Hilton Hotels travel & entertainment card. Hilton sold Carte Blanche to First National City Bank in 1966. Regulatory challenges forced First National City Bank to sell Carte Blanche to Avco in 1968. In 1978, Citicorp (parent company of First National City Bank which was renamed Citibank) would reacquire Carte Blanche without regulatory opposition. fThe 1960s & 1970s-era Carte Blanche card was considered more prestigious worldwide than its competition, the American Express and Diners Club cards, though its small cardmember base hindered its success. Carte Blanche also was the first to implement a "Gold Card" program,but initially only as a means to recognize cardholders who were frequent users and paid their bills on time. In 1981, Citicorp would also acquire the Diners Club card and brand, and by the mid-1990s the Carte Blanche brand was slowly starting to be phased out in favor of Diners Club."

tl;dr - they were soon part of the same company/bankgroup: Diner's Club.