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Cult Movies: 2 favorites

I love both these movies...

Rock 'n' Roll High School (1979)

PJ Soles! Clint Howard! Paul Bartel! Mary Woronov! and the Ramones!

Truth be told it's pretty crummy when the Ramones are offscreen. But when they are onscreen, it's fantastic, even if they were lipsynching. (Or when DeeDee was trying to act.)

Fact: according to the commentary track, the Ramones had never heard of lipsynching before this. "You mean the Beatles weren't really singing in A Hard Day's Night?"

I totally recommend the DVD, both for the ability to skip to all the Ramones parts and also for the commentary which is hilarious and informative for fans of the Ramones and Roger Corman movies.

Huge poster:

click to embiggen. I wanted to buy this poster @ a poster shop in NY and the guy wouldn't sell it to me because it was cheesy. :P

And... because this movie is like Rock 'n' Roll High School only serious. And both are really dated, but that's OK! Nice soundtracks too...

Pump up the Volume (1990)

Christian Slater! I love this movie so much.
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Two Words

Toppie Smellie!

This popped up all over G+ today, and I had forgotten this ad until now. Back then in my late teens, any time I had fried chicken, I used to give the same "description" as Ms. Smellie. Of course, I would giggle like a 9-year old every time I saw that name. And thanks to the intarwebs, I can continue to do so well into my fifties.
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