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[sticky post] Welcome to Vintage Ads!!

Welcome!!! Please read our community rules (not many, but alas they are necessary) right here !!

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If you have some ads you'd like to post for an event but won't be around or available, here is how to do a scheduled post.

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Weekend Event Starts Tomorrow!

Hello all!, This is for Tia.
Friday February 27 thru Sunday March 1 Weekend Event Auto Repair ads, ads for auto repair places, parts, etc
Fixing autos this time....a feature of autos we don't usually cover!

Noluck is posting this for me as my LJ is wonky to the point that I cannot post to Vintage Ads---yes I have informed them of this. I was told it's a CSS problem on my end that should eventually resolve itself. They've been informed that is not an acceptable response and since it is ONLY on LJ I have a problem with, I believe it is THEIR problem not mine. Yes, I have cleared my LJ cookies, flash is up to date, I even did a system restore to the day before this started--which was yesterday. It's not browser specific either, as it's wonky no matter the browser. "

Time Travelers Never Die

co-mod post....reminder of our next fun contest, which starts tomorrow!!!

our 'balloon dialogue vintage ad' contest starts tomorrow, June 5.....it will run through next friday, june 11....then starting june 12 for a week we will vote on the top 5 vote getters to declare a winner!!

for your entries please put 'contest entry' or something like that in your post's subject....voting will be the same as last time....please vote yes or no in your comments....i suppose voting no is pointless, as i only count the 'yes's but sometimes the no comments brought about good discussions....

please remember to vote yes if you like a post!

NEXT month's contest will be sexist ads!

anyone have underoo's as a kid?? i did....the wonder woman ones....do they still make them??