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Contest entry: cartoon

Good Housekeeping, November 1933:

Rinso was a soap powder, very popular before the introduction of Tide, the first wide-selling laundry detergent.  And yes, as late as the 1930s a lot of laundry was done at home with boilers and scrubbing boards.

"Not as dainty" is a 1930s euphemism for "Gad, sweetheart, you reek." The "hygienic, quickly-vanishing scent" made Lifebuoy popular based on the notion that anything that stank so powerfully of carbolic acid must be therapeutic in some way or other.


"The Lemon Frog Shop! I've heard that there are still a few rare Lemon Frogs and Body Things in existence. Most are in zoos and wildlife centers but there's one really big private collection left. It belongs to Cowboy Pete. He outfits all his ranch hands. He has a huge farm where he raises fruits and runs a clothing-optional open-air spa and resort.

Cowboy Pete's really quite progressive (and considerate)!  Only trouble is, he gets a lot of grief about the nudity.  His biggest enemy is...

Contest Entry

Okay, this is an ad for a company that makes rifles! No? 
Then it must be for a travel agency offering romantic hunting getways. Not that either?
Okay, um, oh yes. It's BET's adaptation of Sarah Palin's Alaska featuring Alaska's only African-American family. 
Still wrong?


Ohhhhh, deodorant. Yeah, that's so obvious.