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4th of July

Did everyone get their 4th of July Tom Collins?
Old Mr. Boston Dry Gin, 1940Collapse )

And the 4th of July molds I made to go with the ham?
Swift's Premium Ham, 1941Collapse )

After the singalong to Yankee Doodle Dandy, by George M. Cohan
John Hancock Insurance, 1954Collapse )

it's finally time for the fireworks!

Coca-Cola, 1952


full size LEFT SIDE & RIGHT SIDE - 750x970 each

Hiram Walker's Gin (1947)

Another ad with weird, undersized people messing with your booze.

Actually, I'm kind of impressed with this ad's attempt at diversity--for the time, anyway. Everyone is in traditional dress, but no race is made to look any more foolish than another. They all look equally dorky. 
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